The goal of a TAT coalition build is to establish an effective and sustainable working relationship between the trucking industry and law enforcement statewide, in order to combat the crime of human trafficking.

While TAT plays a substantial role in spearheading the initial coalition, and will always make its resources available, it is the Office of the Attorney General and the state trucking association (along with a handful of other agencies) who assume the lead moving forward, insofar as they are local agencies capable of galvanizing the necessary stakeholders on both sides. These efforts are intended to result in the coordination and implementation of effective strategies and actions, in partnership with one another, that will close loopholes to traffickers who so easily exploit both victims and legitimate businesses for criminal gain. To read about the coalition build mission statement and goals, click here.

TAT Coalition Builds


“Thank you for letting us be a part of the coalition builds. I sincerely hope that the events had as huge an impact on all the other attendees as they did on me. I already had a pretty good understanding of the great things that TAT was doing, but the real impact for me was the paradigm shift after hearing the survivor’s story. That story needs to be heard by as many as possible. It truly brings a whole new level of empathy and understanding that will motivate many more to support the efforts of TAT to combat trafficking. Her testimony was huge! Please let her know how much of an impact her courage has on others. She is one very special lady! You and all the others at TAT are such a blessing. Thank you for letting us find a place to help.” Hal Miller, President of the Mississippi Trucking Association

“I spoke with my Sheriff about how awesome the TAT training was. I told him it was probably one of the best I had attended in 25 years of service. Thanks again.” – Investigator, Lee County Sheriff’s Office

“As a law enforcement professional, I really appreciated her (Tajuan McCarty) very directly telling us about her distrust of police. And more, I appreciated her telling us why and giving us tips about how to overcome the barriers that we will face when working with victims. It takes a lot of courage to talk about her experience and I want her to know that it is very impactful and will help other victims that law enforcement come in contact with.” – Director of the Oregon-Idaho HIDTA

“The members of TAT are passionate and that passion spreads like wildfire. This is an issue we CANNOT be passive about. Thank you!” – General Manager, TA/Petro Truck Stops


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