The trucking, bus and energy industries have shown they are in the business of saving lives through Truckers Against Trafficking, and the results prove it:

Key Partnerships

National trucking organizations like the American Trucking Associations, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and the Truckload Carriers Association have entered into partnership with TAT, along with all 50 state trucking associations, and large companies such as Ryder, Werner, J.B. Hunt, TA/Petro, UPS, Bridgestone and more.


TAT has been awarded the:
-Presidential Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons in 2019
-Norma Hotaling Award for Demand Reduction
-Mike Russell Trucking Image Award from the American Trucking Associations
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Building Coalitions

TAT is building coalitions between general managers of truck stops/travel plazas and the law enforcement that investigate trafficking cases on their lots, (FBI, AG’s office, DHS, local PD, US Attorney, etc.) in order to close loopholes to traffickers who exploit industry businesses for criminal gain and to mobilize a local response. To date, we have held 60 builds in 37 states and one in Canada.

Iowa MVE Implementation

TAT works with the Iowa MVE/DOT, who created a statewide model in order to utilize/mobilize weigh stations, rest stops, and state patrol in helping to get the word out, train law enforcement and gain entry points into the trucking industry. Forty-eight states, and DC, have now adopted the model in part or in whole. In addition, twelve states have adopted TAT training for their CDL holders.

Busing on the Lookout Growth

Busing on the Lookout (BOTL) partners with private companies, state agencies, school districts, public transit providers and associations to get its training resources out to bus industry personnel in the US and Canada. In just three years since TAT launched BOTL, >149,000 members of the bus industry, including >90,000 school bus drivers, have registered as TAT/BOTL trained.

Freedom Drivers Project Mobilization

The Freedom Drivers Project (FDP), a unique, 48-foot mobile exhibit and museum, is in high demand across the nation by legislators, anti-trafficking groups and trucking leaders, with over 48,786 people walking through its doors at over 223 events in 47 states and provinces.

Canada Expansion

Replicating our model across borders, TAT Canada has already ensured dozens of Canadian carriers are TAT training. In addition, the formation of the TAT Canada Committee will serve as a growth accelerator across the country to achieve our partnership goals with both private and public entities.

Energy Boom

Designed to train every segment of the energy industry to recognize and report human trafficking, Empower Freedom has already solidified substantial partnerships with Conoco Phillips, Marathon Oil, Phillips 66, Precision Pipeline and the Oil and Gas Trafficking Awareness Group.

For detailed impact information check out our annual reports.

Success Stories...

TAT is continually inspired by industry members who are actively discovering and disrupting human trafficking networks. From our prestigious Harriet Tubman Award winners, to the additional success stories below, their actions are leading to victim recovery and the arrest of perpetrators across the nation.