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If you are a member of the trucking industry and would like a decal and wallet card, please send an email with your name, request, and shipping information to:

Safety Directors, Truck Training School Instructors and others within trucking companies or schools are also encouraged to email us at the above address and request a DVD copy of our training video, featured on our home page.

Wallet Card:

The outside of our wallet card. . The inside of our wallet card. 

Window decal:

Our window decal for the doors of your cab Our window decal for the doors of your cab

In addition to requesting our materials via email, you may also download and print the following:

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Wallet Cards




General Brochure

Brochure for Truck Stop General Managers & Employees

Shipping Partners Program Brochure

Adopt the Internal Reporting System Brochure

Labor Trafficking Brochure




Business Engagement Toolkit

Casino Toolkit

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