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Arian Taylor receives the 2018 TAT Harriet Tubman Award.

About the Award

In 2013, Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) created an award to honor members of the trucking industry whose direct actions impacted those victimized by human trafficking. That award has now been expanded to include members of the bus and energy sectors as well. The goal is to recognize those whose actions helped to recover the exploited, improve the lives of victims or prevent human trafficking and/or sexual exploitation from taking place.

The winner earns a $2,500 check and prize package.

The award is named in honor of Harriet Tubman, the famed abolitionist credited with using the Underground Railroad to transport enslaved people to freedom. She was never caught and never lost a passenger.

“Because of Harriet Tubman’s connection to transportation through the Underground Railroad and her heroic work to free enslaved people, TAT believes she epitomizes the symbol of freedom that a trucking, bus or energy anti-trafficking award represents. We decided an award of this magnitude was important to present, because we want to be able to know about and recognize — both at the local and national level — the real truckers against trafficking and celebrate their efforts both within and out of the industry.”

Kendis Paris, Co-Founder of Truckers Against Trafficking

Nomination Process

Anyone wishing to be considered for this award or who knows someone who should be considered for this award, should fill out the nomination form or send an email to TAT directly. Once Truckers Against Trafficking has vetted the information, if there is a success story, the nomination will be submitted to the TAT award selection committee for consideration.

To nominate by email, please fill out or have your company executives, state association or school fill out a report with the following information and send it to info@truckersagainsttrafficking.org.

  • First and last name(s) of the person or people involved in making the call.
  • Date and time of the call to local law enforcement or the National Hotline.
  • Location of the incident reported to local law enforcement or to the National Hotline.
  • How did law enforcement or the National Hotline respond?
  • What is the name of the police department that responded?
  • What happened when law enforcement came? Was anyone arrested (pimp, john, victim)?
  • Do you know if the victim was able to access victim services?
  • Name, title, email, and phone number of the person submitting this nomination.

Criteria and Selection

This information will be vetted by TAT’s award selection committee. For company or school employee winners, both you and your company/school will be contacted concerning the award. Your company/school will receive a duplicate of the award you receive, so it can be displayed in your honor. If you’re an independent driver, you will be contacted about the award. All Harriet Tubman Award winners will be honored in TAT’s publications and on our website.

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Potential honorees must be employed by the truck, bus or energy industries.

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Nominators must be able to provide all of the details requested for the event or situation resulting in the intervention.

Past Award Winners

HTA Joe Aguayo


Joe Aguayo
WinCo Foods Driver

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2022 Harriet Tubman Award winners


Nicole Cavicante, Laura Figueroa and Kirk Rayer
EMBARK employees

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Jessica Chapman
Sapp Bros. Travel Center employee

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Lauren Gnall and Larren Tarver
Lakefront Lines employees

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arian taylor truckers against trafficking harrient tubman award winner


Arian Taylor
Ballard Trucking driver

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Debo Adepiti and Alan Bailey
Travel Centers of America employees

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Kevin Kimmel
Con-Way Truckload driver

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Harriet Tubman Award logo


Tracy Mullins
General manager of the Petro Stopping Center®

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