Truck Stops and Travel Centers

Traffickers exploit locations in the sale of their victims, often bringing their crime to the doorstep of legitimate businesses. TAT guides travel centers and truck stops on steps they can take to equip their front-line employees to combat human trafficking when it does arrive at their location. Through TAT’s partnership with truck stops and travel centers, front-line heroes have stepped up and helped victims of human trafficking.

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Listen as Nikki tells her story of how a truck stop employee helped save her life.

Action Steps for Truck Stops and Travel Centers

  1. Train all of your employees. Use TAT’s Human Trafficking Awareness Safety Briefing for Truck Stops and Travel Centers and/or TAT’s free training videos to educate your employees on what human trafficking looks like and how to report it. For any assistance or to get started, email
  2. Let TAT know that you have trained your employees.Register as a TAT-trained company here.
  3. Establish an internal reporting policy.Ensure your employees know the steps they’re expected to take, from the company’s perspective, if they suspect human trafficking is occurring or if they believe they may have come into contact with a potential victim.
  4. Distribute TAT materials at your locations.TAT has victim-centered posters that can be hung in bathrooms or other strategic locations and industry-focused materials that can be displayed in driver’s lounges.
  5. Partner with law enforcement.
    TAT can help connect you with the right agency to build that relationship.
  6. Attend a Coalition Build.
    TAT Coalition Builds are half-day events that bring together key industry leaders from the trucking, truck stop, bus and energy industries with local, state and federal law enforcement.

Harriet Tubman Award

Do you know someone who has made a call on behalf of a potential victim? Each year, TAT presents an award to honor a member of the trucking, truck stop/travel center, bus or energy industry whose direct actions helped to recover a victim of human trafficking, hold a perpetrator accountable, or prevent human trafficking and/or sexual exploitation from taking place.

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Jessica Chapman
Sapp Bros. Travel Center employee

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Debo Adepiti and Alan Bailey
Travel Centers of America employees

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Truck Stops in Action

Sapp Brothers
Partnering with TAT to end human trafficking

Petro Shopping Centers
TAT Training in action

TravelCenters of America
Helping to save a life