By any measure, the work of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) can be characterized as impactful, wide-reaching and responsive.

Basically, it works. 

And, moreover, it continues to grow. When an opportunity arises to reach more people or expand our programs in a way that makes sense, we take it. This stems from the awareness that we have the skills and network to make this happen. But, while our team has the knowledge base, abilities and contacts — just like a high-powered, finely tuned vehicle — there must be fuel, or, in TAT’s case, funding. This is where corporate engagement and the support of our industry partners is essential.  Are your employees/drivers excited and motivated by TAT’s work? Do they know about your partnership with TAT? Are they involved? If yes, we invite you to host an employee fundraiser on TAT’s behalf.


Employee fundraisers can generate excitement, a sense of inclusion in making a valuable contribution, camaraderie, espirit de corps and greater awareness of how the company is making a difference in the community and country. Below are case studies of fundraisers some companies have held, as well as a few other fundraiser suggestions you might want to consider:


Host a virtual run/walk for your employees (or customers) like our friends at SmartDrive! Participants pay to enter — consider different entry costs for different lengths of races — and then complete the race on their own, tracking their mileage via GPS. Work with us to create a custom fundraising page that you can send out to your team. Set a fundraising goal and consider a company match to encourage folks to participate!


Are you willing to watch 24 consecutive hours of Nicolas Cage films like Jesse Carey did to raise $24,000 for his charity? Or bike 4,000 miles on your indoor bike trainer to raise $4,000? Do you have a strength or interest that you could turn into a personal challenge while helping to raise money for TAT? Work with us to create a landing page and a clear call-to-action for your event and then send it out to your colleagues, family and friends with a clear fundraising goal!


Do you know how to cook, sew or build things? Anything you can teach via a live-stream lesson can be turned into a virtual “how-to” fundraiser. Work with us to create an online registration page and then circulate it broadly among your network. People will be excited to learn something new and support a great cause!


In lieu of gifts this year, how about asking your friends to make a donation to TAT? Work with us to create a personal donation page and send out this “birthday challenge” to your network!


Use your own system for collecting donations from employees, or let us create a custom Network For Good fundraising page for your organization. See an example page in the fundraising tools section below, or click here to learn how our partners at Twin Eagle ran their workplace-giving campaign.

Opportunities to promote:
-Use digital communications (created in-house or from TAT templates) to share this initiative with your employees.
-Encourage employees to share the link to your fundraising page (if applicable), along with why they are proud to support this work with their family and friends.


Pride Transport expands its workplace giving yearlong by offering payroll deductions to their drivers. They regularly and faithfully train all employees with TAT materials and have raised thousands of dollars for TAT to date.


No matter what fundraising activity your organization decides to do, would you consider a company-sponsored match to further motivate employee giving? Click here to read about the match sponsored by our partners at Praxair.

Funds raised and matched count toward corporate sponsorship.


Bring in the fun holiday spirit by hosting a holiday sweater day and/or contest like our friends at Trimble!

Opportunities to raise money:
-Sell passes to wear holiday sweaters.
-Paid entries into a Holiday Sweater Contest.


Follow the example of our friends at ARPA, who hosted a holiday raffle to benefit our Everyday Heroes Truck. They had a bike donated and then sold tickets to win. They hosted the drawing at their monthly membership luncheon.


If your company has a strict uniform policy, employees are always excited about a day where they get to don their best jeans!

Opportunity to raise money:
-Sell passes for employees to wear jeans or casual clothes on a specific day or on several specific days.


Broadway Group decided to host a dual-purpose activity challenge that supported their employee wellness program, b.well, and also raised funds. For every mile walked, the company donated $1 to TAT, up to $1,000.

Opportunities to raise money:
-Set a fitness goal and donate when benchmarks are achieved.
-Participants buy-in to win a pool that would be split with TAT.


Your employees can donate their favorite baked goods to be sold during work.

Opportunities to raise money:
-Charge per item.
-Make baked goods easily accessible to drivers.


If your company employees gather around the holidays, this is an opportunity to share TAT’s message and fundraising goal.

Opportunity to raise money:
-Have a donation bucket for employees to donate.

50/50 RAFFLE

The raffle is simply a cash raffle where tickets are sold, and the winner wins half the money. The other half is used as a donation.

Opportunity to raise money:
-Simply sell tickets and donate half the funds.


Allow creativity to flourish by hosting a competition to build holiday-themed gingerbread houses … or even gingerbread 18-wheelers!

Opportunities to raise money:
-Create a threshold for entering the competition (ex. $5-10).
-Winners can be chosen through employee donations for their favorite.


As the weather cools down, this is an opportunity for your employees to enter their family-famous chili recipes in a friendly competition!

Opportunities to raise money:
-Charge a fee to enter a recipe, and/or charge for spectator sample bowls.
-Have people vote with money for “People’s Choice.”


Below are examples of custom digital assets we can provide your marketing/communications team. Please complete the form below to request co-branded versions of these materials.