Action Steps for Energy Companies

TAT’s energy initiative, Empower Freedom, is a critical component of the broader, global movement to end human trafficking. Efforts to eradicate human trafficking have a direct impact on improving community safety and protecting youth and other vulnerable people who are preyed upon by traffickers. Empower Freedom works alongside the energy industry to spread awareness within their companies, communities and networks.

  1. Train all employees with TAT's Empower Freedom video. This free 16-minute training video is designed for energy companies and educates employees about what human trafficking looks like and how to report it.
  2. Train all truck drivers (over-the-road, local/final mile or movers/in-home delivery) with TAT's free videos. If your company employs truck drivers or has its own fleet of trucks, add one of TAT’s free training videos for the trucking industry to your orientation or safety training.
  3. Let TAT know that you have trained your employees. Register as a TAT-trained company here.
  4. Activate your supply chain for social good. Become a TAT Shipping Partner and encourage or mandate your contractors (e.g. trucking fleets/carriers, energy companies, bus services, security guards, etc.) train their employees with TAT materials.
  5. Establish an internal policy. Adopt an anti-trafficking-in-persons policy that specifies that because of your company’s high standards of business conduct and values, your company strictly prohibits human trafficking and employees cannot use company time or resources to purchase commercial sex.
  6. Dedicate a safety moment to human trafficking. Use TAT’s Human Trafficking Awareness Safety Moment to remind your employees that human trafficking awareness is a critical component of a strong safety culture and distribute TAT’s materials for the energy industry.
  7. Sponsor or attend an energy coalition build. TAT Coalition Builds are half-day events that bring together industry leaders with law enforcement for networking and to devise locally tailored anti-trafficking strategies.
  8. Host TAT. Invite TAT to a vendor or supplier event to do a session on human trafficking awareness for your network and help open doors for TAT at other industry events.
  9. Become a TAT Corporate Sponsor. With your support, TAT can continue to educate and empower more members of industry, law enforcement and government agencies to help recover more victims and prosecute more traffickers. And, at the same time, TAT can promote the impactful work your company is doing as a leader in this fight.

Empower Freedom Materials

Training Video

Wallet Card

Business Engagement Toolkit

Hard Hat Sticker

Safety Moment Guide

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