How YOU can help Truckers Against Trafficking

There are several ways to get involved with Truckers Against Trafficking and assist us in furthering our mission.

For Companies:

  • Train drivers/employees with TAT materials
  • Help us measure our impact and let us know how many of your company employees have been trained via our TAT Trained button**
  • Adopt the Internal Reporting System so that we can identify and honor the Truckers Against Trafficking that drive for your company
  • Partner with us to assist law enforcement
  • Share our Newsletter (click here to sign up)
  • Use your influence in the trucking industry to tell others about TAT
  • Become a Corporate Sponsor
  • Consider donating a haul of the Freedom Drivers Project to one of our many events around the country

**Our TAT Trained database is helping us to measure our impact and better understand our reach across the United States. By sharing this information with us, you are helping to validate TAT’s influence within the trucking industry as we are able to better show just how many TAT-trained drivers there are across the country. Whether you represent a company that has implemented the TAT training, a truck training school that uses our training, or an individual driver, we would greatly appreciate your count!

Best Practices Example: Ryder

  • Created tailored training materials and Ryder branded wallet cards
  • Distributed training materials and wallet cards through our TalentMap training tool for tracking and compliance.
  • Administered awareness training to 1,500 Canadian employees and more than 23,000 U.S. employees (all levels – technicians, drivers, management, executive team).
  • Distributed letters to all 50 state Trucking Associations asking for support of TAT (Ryder is a member of every state’s association).
  • Generated a Ryder/TAT banner that has been used in several industry events where Ryder vehicles are prominently displayed.
  • Included the TAT mission and Ryder’s commitment to that cause as part of our conference exhibit materials utilized in industry events.
  • Engaged Ryder’s primary service and equipment suppliers to also join the cause of supporting TAT (ongoing).
  • Introduced TAT marketing materials and wallet cards to Ryder’s more than 1,700 contract carrier partners.
  • Provided financial support directly to TAT through the Ryder Charitable Trust Foundation.

For Professional Drivers:

  • Watch our training video and learn how to recognize and respond to potential trafficking situations
  • Call the national hotline, right away, if you ever suspect trafficking: if you ever see a minor working the lot or suspect pimp control, call the hotline! There is no penalty for calling and being unsure. The trained hotline staff will answer any questions you have.
  • Obtain a window decal and wallet card
  • Request a copy of our training DVD and ask that it be implemented as part of regular training/orientation at your trucking company or school
  • Tell others you know in the industry about TAT and encourage them to get involved
  • Let us know when you’ve made a call into the hotline and how the situation turned out. You could become the recipient of our next Harriet Tubman Award!

For OEM’s: 

  • Advocate on TAT’s behalf with customers, clients, partners, employees, etc.
  • Distribute TAT information (via product manual or at POP)
  • TAT train (and register) employees
  • Adopt anti-trafficking in persons policies
  • Engage leadership
  • Provide speaking platforms for the TAT message
  • Leverage multiple streams of support from within the organization
  • Share TAT newsletter (click here to sign up)
  • Become a Corporate Sponsor
  • Host a Freedom Drivers Project event
  • TAT Dealership Partner where dealership opportunities exist

For State Trucking Associations:

  • Send out TAT materials to all of your member companies along with a letter urging them to incorporate TAT training (DVD and wallet card)
  • Invite TAT to speak, or make a TAT presentation at your annual conference
  • Send out a press release and/or hold press conference announcing our partnership, and be the “go to” when media wants to write a story about a company involved in this program from your area
  • Continually work with member companies to keep this issue on their radar screen (link to us on your website, survey your members to see who is adopting TAT training, distribute our newsletter with relevant, up-to-date information happening on human trafficking, etc.)
  • Work with us to assist law enforcement in their investigations and our coalition builds
  • Pass along our Iowa MVE model to your state police
  • Become a Corporate Sponsor

For Shippers:

  • Urge your carriers to become TAT trained via RFPs
  • Train your private fleet with TAT materials
  • Allow TAT to present at your carrier bid meetings
  • If you’re looking for a carrier, hire TAT-trained companies
  • Make public your decision to join the TAT Shipping Partners Program
  • Urge other companies to join the TAT Shipping Partners Program
  • Educate all company employees about domestic sex trafficking

Bridgestone: Shipping Partners Program Best Practices Model

  • Introduced TAT materials and encouraged their implementation to all carriers during their 2015 carrier meetings
  • Implemented TAT training during semi-annual driver safety meetings for private fleet
  • Invited TAT to present to all carriers during the Bridgestone bid-kickoff event
  • Makes the TAT website link and additional materials about the organization’s cause accessible on tablet devices used by field sales group so they can easily forward this information to others
  • Shares the TAT organization’s messaging with Company Owned Operations (COO stores) and will collaborate with truck stops in distribution network on ways to publicize this important information
  • Educates their commercial sales organization to the social issue of human trafficking and shares statistics they can use to engage every trucking customer they call on
  • Corporate sponsor of TAT

For Truck Stops and Travel Plazas:

  • Train your employees with TAT materials (Phase II DVD and wallet card)
  • Hang TAT posters where members of the trucking industry can see them (driver’s lounges, trucker shower areas, fuel desks, restrooms)
  • Become a point of distribution for TAT wallet cards and brochures
  • Actively look for potential victims of human trafficking and be ready to call 1-888-3737-888 to assist them
  • Participate in TAT coalition builds all across the nation
  • Work with us via law enforcement and media channels
  • Use your influence in the trucking industry to tell others about TAT
  • Become a corporate sponsor
  • Host a fundraiser for TAT at your location

For Members of the Public:

  • Think about who you know within the trucking industry–drivers, management, mechanics, etc.–and tell them about TAT. Connect us to them!
  • If you’re interested in contacting truck stops or trucking companies in your area with TAT materials, please contact us at
  • “Like” us on Facebook and spread the word: the more our message spreads, the better!
  • Consider hosting a screening of the training video with your church or community group
  • Adopt TAT as the beneficiary of a one-time fundraiser (spaghetti dinner, car wash, can drive, etc.)
  • Create your own unique fundraising campaign and link it to our vetted page on CrowdRise
  • Apply for and complete an internship with TAT to help us further our mission and end sex trafficking.
  • Continue to learn more about trafficking and educate your friends and loved ones, especially children
  • Contact us about other potential opportunities

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