Truckers Against Trafficking in the Media

The following stories are links to TAT in the news media:

August 28, 2023: TravelCenters of America Hosts Truckers Against Trafficking Mobile Exhibit

August 27, 2023: Broken Bow Rotary hosts anti-trafficking education

July 19, 2023: Bridgestone Co-Hosts “Truckers Against Trafficking” Coalition Build with Pilot Company, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to Combat Human Trafficking

June 6, 2023: CVSA Releases 2023 Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative Results

June 5, 2023: Truckers Against Trafficking holds Springdale exhibit

May 1, 2023: Key takeaways from the TIA 2023 Capital Ideas Conference

April 27, 2023: Human trafficking fight gets big boost from America’s truckers

March 28, 2023: “Indiana lawmakers want truck drivers to spot signs of human trafficking

March 13, 2023: “‘They are going to take the most vulnerable’ | How to spot human trafficking

February 26, 2023: “How the bus industry has a key role to play in combating human trafficking

February 20, 2023: “Today is the Start of CVSA’s Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative in Canada

February 18, 2023: “Kenworth awards dealer for support against human trafficking

February 16, 2023: “Rihm Family Companies donated $60,000 to charitable causes in 2022

February 15, 2023: “UPS Truck Driver Helps Fight Human Trafficking

February 11, 2023: “XPO continues partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking

February 8, 2023: “Op-Ed: Why Black Women And Girls Are Disproportionately Affected By Sex Trafficking

February 1, 2023: “Leading Transportation Management Software Provider Sees Unprecedented Growth in 2022

January 31, 2023: “Uber Freight expands Truckers Against Trafficking partnership”

January 31, 2023: “Truckers join the fight against human trafficking”

January 19, 2023: “Editor’s Note: Another Vital Role Emerges for School Bus Drivers”

January 11, 2023: “Kansas City Police ask the trucking industry for help spotting human trafficking”

January 10, 2023: “Wyoming Highway Patrol Visits Truckstops to Hand Out Info on Truckers Against Trafficking”

January 9, 2023: “Michigan State Police, truck drivers teaming up to fight human trafficking”

November 14, 2022: “Zonar Announces Truckers Against Trafficking App Integration for In-Cab Tablets”

November 11, 2022: “Kenworth dealer raises thousands for Truckers Against Trafficking”

August 22, 2022: “Freedom Drivers Project at Missouri State Fair

July 30, 2022: “Truckers helping with Human Trafficking Awareness

July 29, 2022: “Trucker training part of effort to educate Iowans about human trafficking

July 26, 2022: “TravelCenters of America Hosts Freedom Drivers Program Exhibit

June 12, 2022: “How this nonprofit is teaching the public, truckers about human trafficking

June 29, 2022: “Transit Systems Taking Steps to Combat Human Trafficking

June 23, 2022: “J.B. Hunt and Arkansas Trucking Association Bring Truckers Against Trafficking Exhibit to Northwest Arkansas

June 15, 2022: “Small Fleet keynote: How truck drivers can help prevent human trafficking

May 19, 2022: “Pomp’s Supports Truckers Against Trafficking

May 18, 2022: “Truckers take a stand against human trafficking

April 15, 2022: “NSP Carrier Enforcement Honored By Truckers Against Trafficking

April 15, 2022: “Nebraska State Patrol receives national award from Truckers Against Trafficking

March 10, 2022: “Combating human trafficking – Taking the Hire Road

February 25, 2022: “Utah truckers on the front lines of stopping human trafficking

February 22, 2022: “Today is the Start of CVSA’s Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative in Canada

February 16, 2022: “Opinion: Human trafficking’s thrived in pandemic

February 2, 2022: “Atlas World Group Celebrates Partnership With Truckers Against Trafficking

January 24, 2022: “How trucking can combat human trafficking

January 24, 2022: “Michigan State Police joins forces to fight human trafficking

January 5, 2022: “Combating human trafficking: Awareness campaign set to begin

January 4, 2022: “New CVSA human trafficking initiative starts next week in U.S.

December 15, 2021: “‘Everyday Heroes’ Kenworth T680 Next Gen Sold to Freestyle Transport, Net Proceeds of $260,000 Going to TAT

December 3, 2021: “Auction aids human trafficking fight

November 18, 2021: “CVSA to focus on human trafficking in three-day event

November 18, 2021: “How truckers hauling Amazon freight help fight human trafficking

November 10, 2021: “University of Arkansas event raises awareness of human trafficking in transportation industry

November 6, 2021: “The Log Book: UPS Foundation celebrates its 70th anniversary

October 29, 2021: “Sale of Everyday Heroes Kenworth T680 Next Gen benefits Truckers Against Trafficking

October 29, 2021: “Kenworth T680 auction to help fight human trafficking

September 15, 2021: “Howes Inducts Truckers Against Trafficking Into Its Hall of Fame

September 1, 2021: “TCA sticks to pledge against human trafficking

August 27, 2021: “Training to end trafficking held in McPherson

August 5, 2021: “Sapp Bros. cashier recognized for helping a woman who was sexually exploited

August 3, 2021: “TIA Supports Truckers Against Trafficking

July 16, 2021: “Join in the fight as a trucker against trafficking

July 13, 2021: “Truckers Against Trafficking Leads a Fight Against Modern Slavery

May 12, 2021: “TIA announces $10,000 donation to truckers against trafficking

May 10, 2021: “SRTC trucking students learn to watch for human trafficking

May 5, 2021: “Allied Universal Video Provides Training to Help Stop Human Trafficking

April 30, 2021: “‘Soldiers of the road’: South Carolina truck drivers can help in the fight against human trafficking

April 15, 2021: “Highway Heroes: Attorney General Moody enlisting truckers in fight against human trafficking

March 10, 2021: “Organization trains truckers to combat human trafficking

February 8, 2021: “Colorado non-profit educates truckers on human trafficking

February 5, 2021: “Committee to Spearhead Truckers Against Trafficking Canadian Efforts

February 4, 2021: “Organization teaches truck drivers how to identify and report signs of human trafficking

February 3, 2021: “‘Truckers Against Trafficking’ take knowledge to the road

February 1, 2021: “Educating School Bus Drivers in Human Trafficking Could Help Prevent it

January 26, 2021: “Truckers Against Trafficking Canada Committee appoints Heather Mewhinney as Chairperson

January 26, 2021: “Truckers on road to stopping human trafficking

January 25, 2021: “TAT strengthens Canadian network

January 22, 2021: “Truckers Against Trafficking Canada Committee Appoints Heather Mewhinney

January 19, 2021: “Making a Difference: The Bus Industry Combats Human Trafficking

January 19, 2021: “Michigan State Police, Truckers against Trafficking promote Human Trafficking Awareness month

January 14, 2021: “‘Everyday heroes’: Swift unveils Truckers Against Trafficking tractor

January 12, 2021: “XPO Logistics Partners With Truckers Against Trafficking

October 27, 2020: “Florida Program Encourages Truckers to Fight Human Trafficking

October 15, 2020: “Pandemic fails to stop human trafficking

September 2020: “Florida Transit on the Lookout to Combat Human Trafficking” (FPTA newsletter; page 6)

August 31, 2020: “Penske Joins Fight Against Human Trafficking by Supporting Truckers Against Trafficking

August 21, 2020: “Shining a light on human trafficking in trucking – WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

August 19, 2020: “They never quit so we can keep going: 3M spotlights drivers going the distance

August 17, 2020: “Girl, 12, among sex trafficking victims Toronto police identified

August 5, 2020: “How vigilant truckers can disrupt ‘modern-day slavery’

August 4, 2020: “Truckers Against Trafficking training leads to felony child sex abuse arrest

July 31, 2020: “UPS Leaders Share Practices to Mobilize Against Human Trafficking

June 10, 2020: “Coronavirus pandemic has opened opportunity for human trafficking

June 9, 2020: “Transit on the lookout to combat human trafficking

May 12, 2020: “Mississippi Trucking Association presented Truckers Against Trafficking Champion Award

March 22, 2020: “7 Organizations Fighting Human Trafficking

March 22, 2020: “Human trafficking creates liability concerns for businesses

March 3, 2020: “FedEx Independent Service Provider, Slicker Trucking, Inc., commits to a Gold Level Sponsorship of Truckers Against Trafficking

February 26, 2020: “A new yardstick for leaders in the 21st Century

February 14, 2020: “TravelCenters of America Earns Champion Award for Fighting Human Trafficking

January 31, 2020: “Omnitracs to further support the work of Truckers Against Trafficking

January 30, 2020: “Truckers fight human trafficking

January 30, 2020: “Chao calls on transport industry to ‘put the brakes on human trafficking’

January 30, 2020: “Truckers increasingly the eyes and ears for signs of human trafficking

January 30, 2020: “Truckers fight human trafficking

January 29, 2020: “Transportation Department Joins Trump Effort to End ‘Modern Day Slavery,’ Fight Human Trafficking

January 27, 2020: “State Police Agencies Unite to Spread Human Trafficking Awareness

January 26, 2020: “Truckers fighting human trafficking are trained to be alert to late-night knocks

January 23, 2020: “UPS to train delivery drivers how to spot signs of sex slavery

January 21, 2020: “Keeping their eyes on the road — the mobile army rising up against human trafficking

January 16, 2020: “Motel 6 Expands Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Efforts Through Partnerships with Truckers Against Trafficking and New Friends New Life

January 14, 2020: “Oil and gas industry works to increase awareness of human trafficking

January 11, 2020: “State Police motor carrier officers join forces to fight human trafficking

January 9, 2020: “Shell and Truckers Against Trafficking partner to host Houston event

January 8, 2020: “N2 Publishing Announces Latest Wave Of Funding For Anti-Trafficking Efforts

November 19, 2019: “Human Trafficking to be focus of TTSAO meeting

November 8, 2019: “Join the fight against human trafficking

November 6, 2019: “Attorney General Moody, Truckers Against Trafficking and the Florida Trucking Association Host Human Trafficking Training Event

November 6, 2019: “We Truckers Can Slam the Breaks on Human Trafficking

September 25, 2019: “Partnership Aims to Tackle Human Trafficking in Canada

September 24, 2019: “Truckers Against Trafficking Sheds Light On Realities of Human Trafficking

September 24, 2019: “Freedom Drivers Project Brings Mobile Exhibit About Domestic Sex Trafficking to Wilmington

September 19, 2019: “Truckers Against Trafficking expands mission to Canada

September 17, 2019: “Truckers Against Trafficking expands into Canada

August 22, 2019: “BNSF Logistics Partners with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) to Combat Human Trafficking

August 8, 2019: “Logistics software firm joins fight against trafficking

August 1, 2019: “Truckers Join Fight With Md. Attorney General Against Human Trafficking

July 19, 2019: “Kenworth sales manager fights sex trafficking after ‘looking the other way’

June 25, 2019: “Las Vegas Valley buses, stops to help fight human trafficking

June 25, 2019: “‘Busing On The Lookout’ launches in Las Vegas; campaign aims to target human trafficking

June 19, 2019: “Truckers and Law Enforcement get Trained on Human Trafficking

May 24, 2019: “Everyday Heroes truck auction raises $162,000 for Truckers Against Trafficking

May 8, 2019: “First Transit drivers receive training on how to ID human trafficking

April 27, 2019: “Missouri Attorney General’s Office partners with law enforcement, transportation professionals to combat human trafficking

April 18, 2019: “Trucking industry tackles human trafficking with traveling exhibit

April 14, 2019: “Truckers’ Plan to Stop Sex Trafficking

April 11, 2019: “Truck Drivers Being Trained to Help Spot Human Trafficking

April 9, 2019: “U.S. Xpress Announces Partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking”

March 30, 2019: “Human trafficking awareness event planned for Monday in Detroit

March 29, 2019: “TravelCenters of America Presents Funds Raised in Campaign for Truckers Against Trafficking

March 12, 2019: “Sector-Specific Messaging Key to Fighting Human Trafficking, Committee Told

February 2019: “Road Warriors

February 26, 2019: “Omnitracs Joins the Fight Against Human Trafficking

February 21, 2019: “Group working to educate truck drivers about how to spot human trafficking

February 12, 2019: “Calling on OEMs, LSPs and carriers to help fight people trafficking

February 6, 2019: “The Problem Too Big to Ignore

February 2, 2019: “Iowa Bus Drivers Getting Schooled on Human Trafficking Warning Signs

January 21, 2019: “Spanberger Encourages Community Awareness & Engagement in Fight Against Human Trafficking

January 16, 2019: “National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

January 15, 2019: “Truckers Against Trafficking Has Saved More Than 1K Victims

January 9, 2019: “Michigan State Police Joins Human Trafficking Awareness Effort

January 2, 2019: “‘Everyday Heroes’ Kenworth T680 Will Once Again Be Auctioned to Support Truckers Against Trafficking

December 6, 2018: “DOT’s Committee Against Human Trafficking Holds First Meeting

November 29, 2018: “Area nonprofit gets donation to fight human trafficking

November 1, 2018: “Combating Human Trafficking of Students in the School Bus Industry

October 15, 2018: “New Committee on Human Trafficking Includes Trucking Voice

October 11. 2018: “Beshear, TARC teaming up to report human trafficking in Louisville

October 10, 2018: “Truckers Against Trafficking

October 9, 2018: “Bus company trains drivers to recognize human trafficking ahead of Super Bowl

September 27, 2018: “Truckers get involved in effort to stop human trafficking

September 20, 2018: “Bus company trains every employee how to detect human trafficking

September 6, 2018: “These 3 Industries Are Cracking Down On Sex Trafficking Like Never Before

September 2018: “Building an Army

August 30, 2018: “Iowa Launches School Bus Driver Training On Human Trafficking

August 29, 2018: “Van Buren Truck Company Combats Human Trafficking Through Training

August 10, 2018: “Truckers Against Trafficking at Iowa State Fair

July 26, 2018: “Zonta Teaming Up With Truckers Against Trafficking

July 2018: “Combatting Human Trafficking Through the Bus Industry

July 1, 2018: “Everyday Heroes – Truckers Against Trafficking”

June 20, 2018: “Fox Valley Tech teaching future truck drivers how to combat human trafficking

June 14, 2018: “Montana DOJ Hosts ‘Truckers Against Trafficking’ Training

May 22, 2018: “California Trucking Association joins human trafficking fight

May 17, 2018: “Truckers Against Trafficking making a big difference in Michigan

May 6, 2018: “Insider Exclusive: Why Busing on the Lookout? Why Now?

May 1, 2018: “Truck drivers doing their part to end human trafficking

April 17, 2018: “Truckers, truck stop personnel to receive training on human trafficking

April 13, 2018: “Colorado Law Requires Human Trafficking Education for Truckers

April 5, 2018: “Truckers Against Trafficking offers stark picture of Weld County’s human trafficking challenge

March 22, 2018: “Truck drivers, companies push effort to report human trafficking

March 14, 2018: “Organization helps bus drivers spot human trafficking

March 5, 2018: “Heroes on the road and off it: truckers who help save lives

February 26, 2018: “Man to Man campaign: time to stop demand for sex trafficking

February 21, 2018: “New Man to Man Campaign to Fight Human Trafficking Demand”

February 5, 2018: “Systems Change—Big or Small?

January 29, 2018: “FedEx truck drivers fight human trafficking through new program

January 29, 2018: “FedEx to Sponsor Truckers Against Trafficking in Industry Effort to Fight Crime

January 24, 2018: “Truckers enlisted to fight human trafficking, ‘modern day slavery’

January 22, 2018: “HELP Inc Joins TAT, AG Brnovich and other Industry Partners To Combat Arizona Human Trafficking

January 19, 2018: “Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana team up to prevent human trafficking

January 17, 2018: “Truckers, attorney general partner to help victims of human trafficking

January 17, 2018: “State Police Motor Carrier Officers join forces to fight human trafficking

January 11, 2018: “Truckers Against Trafficking Empowers Truck Drivers to End Human Trafficking

January 11, 2018: “The Larson Group Peterbilt Announces Sponsoring Partnership With Truckers Against Trafficking

November 17, 2017: “Truckers, flight attendants catch human traffickers on the move

November 1, 2017: “How truckers can stop human trafficking

October 23, 2017: “ATA honors individuals, organization for work on behalf of industry

October 17, 2017: “Volvo teams with Truckers Against Trafficking to spread warning signs

September 29, 2017: “Truck drivers trained to spot, report sex trafficking to save young victims

September 20, 2017: “Sex-trafficking victim, ministry founder, signs movie deal

September 8, 2017: “Opinion: Taking Time for Truck Driver Appreciation

August 25, 2017: “Inland Kenworth wins top truck dealer award

August 14, 2017: “Truckers Against Trafficking”

June 22, 2017: “Everyday Heroes’ Kenworth auction nets $89,000 for Truckers Against Trafficking

May 15, 2017: “Prime Inc. truckers take stand against sex trafficking

April 28, 2017: “Eyes and ears’ of the highways: Truckers stand against sex trafficking

April 19, 2017: “Law hits 60,000 truckers: Anti-trafficking course required

April 14, 2017: “What Alberta truckers can learn from a U.S. sex trafficking prevention program

April 12, 2017: “Eyes of the highways: Raising a ‘trucker army’ for trafficking fight

March 28, 2017: “How truckers, hotel workers can fight sex trafficking

March 24, 2017: “Terms offensive to victims of human trafficking are harmful, advocate says

March 21, 2017: “Legislation would require trafficking prevention training for CDL holders in Arkansas

March 6, 2017: “Fighting the good fight: How the trucking industry is fighting against human trafficking

February 27, 2017: “Auction of donated truck will raise funds to fight sex trafficking

February 24, 2017: “AG Paxton teams up with truckers, El Paso law enforcement to combat human trafficking

February 18, 2017: “Lawmakers address human trafficking

February 17, 2017: “Estes launches human trafficking awareness campaign

February 9, 2017: “Industry joins to create class 8 truck to support Truckers Against Trafficking

February 7, 2017: “‘Everyday Heroes’ Kenworth T680 will be auctioned off to support Truckers Against Trafficking

February 6, 2017: “How to watch for signs of human trafficking

January 27, 2017: “Texas lawmakers unite on human trafficking

January 26, 2017: “MDOT enforcement officers continue human trafficking training

January 25, 2017: “Michigan State Police working to help fight human trafficking

January 20, 2017: “Trucker group, multi-state police agencies partnering to fight human trafficking

January 20, 2017: “ISP teaming up with officers from others states for Truckers Against Trafficking”

January 13, 2017: “UPS to train drivers to spot and report human trafficking

January 13, 2017: “Combatting human trafficking in Mississippi

January 13, 2017: “Officials: Human trafficking on the rise in Kentucky since 2013

January 12, 2017: “Mississippi Trucking Association commits to help end trafficking

January 12, 2017: “Truckers Against Trafficking to partner with UPS on education plan

January 12, 2017: “US Road Haulage Giant to Help Fight Human Slavery and Sex Trafficking

January 11, 2017: “UPS drivers trained to spot human trafficking

January 11, 2017: “Human trafficking on rise in Kentucky

January 11, 2017: “UPS Freight Partners with Truckers Against Trafficking

January 11, 2017: “Beshear: Human Trafficking One of the Nation’s Fastest Growing Criminal Enterprises

January 11, 2017″ “UPS drivers to be trained on how to spot human trafficking

December 11, 2016: “Truckers Against Trafficking helps Utah truckers spot victims on the road

December 2, 2016: “Grassroots success: Truckers Against Trafficking making unique impact

October 10, 2016: “Program teaches Springfield truckers how to save victims of sex trafficking

October 10, 2016: “DU Alumnae Fighting to End Human Trafficking

October 2, 2016: “Attorney general and private organizations work to combat modern slave training

September 20, 2016: “Beshear, Truckers Against Trafficking Coalition Release Partnership Mission to Stop Human Trafficking

September 1, 2016: “Texas working with truckers in fight against human trafficking

July 29, 2016: “Exhibit on human trafficking aims to education fairgoers

July 13, 2016: “Truckers take the wheel in effort to halt sex trafficking” (NPR)

June 30, 2016: “Ohio truck drivers join the effort to prevent human trafficking

June 4, 2016: “Missouri continues work with Truckers Against Trafficking

May 16, 2016: “Boyd Bros. Transportation steps us to help end human trafficking

May 5, 2016: “Boyd Bros. hosts Freedom Drivers Project Trailer

April 12, 2016: “Truckers Against Trafficking Educates Trucking Industry on How to Recognize and Help Victims

April 8, 2016: “Kansas Partners with National Organization to Combat Sex Trafficking

April 7, 2016: “Kansas attorney general, two trucking associations partner to combat sex trafficking

April 7, 2016: “AG Schmidt announces new partnership to combat sex trafficking

April 7, 2016: “Kansas truck drivers join the fight against human trafficking

April 1, 2016: “Truckers Against Trafficking seeks to build on success

March 31, 2016: “Bridgestone works with Truckers Against Trafficking

March 27, 2016: “Texas truckers fight Human Trafficking

March 24, 2016: “Texas Truckers join the fight against Human Trafficking

February 24, 2016: “Troopers Seek Truckers Help on Human Trafficking

January 12, 2016: “On Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Collaboration with Truckers Against Trafficking and Law Enforcement Partners

December 30, 2015: “Rotary World Peace Conference brings Freedom Drivers Project and Truckers Against Trafficking of Human Trafficking Awareness Awareness Day

December 21, 2015: “How truckers are breaking the chains of sex slavery

November 18, 2015: “Truckers join drive on U.S. highways to tackle sex trafficking

October 28, 2015: “Truckers banding together to fight human trafficking

October 26, 2015: “Freedom Drivers Project Raises Awareness about Human Trafficking

October 24, 2015: “Truckers Take a Stand Against Human Trafficking

October 23, 2015: “Human Trafficking Exhibit Stops in Bismarck

October 14, 2015: “Human Trafficking mobile exhibit at Mississippi State Fair

October 2, 2015: “Ohio becomes first state to implement mandatory TAT training for CDLs

September 5, 2015: “TAT exhibit attracts interest

August 31, 2015: “Trucking hopes to stop sex trafficking with ‘Freedom’ exhibit at travel plazas

June 24, 2015: “Truckers join fight against human trafficking

May 26, 2015: “Utah Trucking Association Partners with Truckers Against Trafficking

May 22, 2015: “Get Involved: New training course, video from Truckers Against Trafficking” (Overdrive)

May 21, 2015: “Truckers Against Trafficking offers free online training” (Land Line)

April 24, 2015: “Freedom Drivers Project impacts human trafficking crisis” (

April 23, 2015: “Truckers Against Trafficking receives congressional award” (Transport Topics)

April 9, 2015: “Con-way Truckload joins the fight against human trafficking

April 3, 2015: “Brad’s Beat: Highway Angel

March 10, 2015: “Truckers Against Trafficking: How drivers can take action” (

March 5, 2015: “Human trafficking victim on a mission to save others

March 4, 2015: “BBC Outlook: Truck Drivers Against Sex Trafficking,” an interview of TAT’s Executive Director Kendis Paris by Outlook host Jo Fidgen (Note: the interview begins ~1:30 into the podcast)

February 11, 2015: “Walmart joins in support for Truckers Against Trafficking” (Land Line)

February 9, 2015: “Michigan State Police join forced with Truckers Against Trafficking” (Land Line)

February 5, 2015: “Michigan State Police partnering with truckers to fight human trafficking

January 23, 2015: Virginia Trucking Association Partners with Truckers Against Trafficking

January 13, 2015: “Iowa Department of Transportation enlists truck drivers against human trafficking

January 12, 2015: “Sex Trafficking: Practice growing problem in state