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Do you sell parts or equipment to the bus, truck or energy industries?

As the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways, truck drivers are in a unique position to make a difference and close loopholes to traffickers who seek to exploit our transportation system for their personal gain. As an organization that sells parts and equipment to truck, bus and energy industries, you can empower your distribution points to equip their employees with the information to help combat human trafficking.

Engage in 3-easy-steps

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  1. Traina. Train your employees with TAT materials, including the TAT training video and wallet card. Incorporate the training into your regular safety training and add it to your onboarding process. b. Register with us as a TAT-trained company by visiting our TAT Trained Page and reporting the number of employees trained.
  2. Distribute a. Hang posters and display wallet cards/brochures in all brick-and-mortar locations to distribute to customers and drivers.b. Outfit service vehicles with TAT window decals and trailer stickers that ask the question, “Do you need help?”.
  3. Influence a. Highlight your partnership publicly; link TAT on your website; and consider becoming a corporate sponsor.b. Help spread the word by inviting TAT to come speak at industry events or sharing your work with TAT to customers and clients. For more ways to get involved and TDP best practices, review our TDP Toolkit below.

Through these simple actions, you have the opportunity to affect the lives of those exploited by human traffickers in significant ways and ensure that your site and your vocation help end modern-day slavery.

TDP Resources

Dealership Toolkit

Dealership Brochure

Wallet Card

Everyday Heroes Poster

Signs to Look For Poster

Window Decal

Inquire about our TDP program and a TAT staff member will reach out