tat champion award trophy


The fight against the injustice of human trafficking is the work of thousands of dedicated and committed people taking place on continents and in countries around the world. As a global problem, it must have a global solution. Truckers Against Trafficking has turned to the members of the trucking, bus and energy industries, as well as to law enforcement, grantors, funders and other like-minded organizations and associations to engage what we see as critical populations in this fight. We are aware that without the support, commitment and actions of each of these entities, we would cease to exist, and the gains made in the fight against human trafficking in the United States would take a huge leap backward.

Therefore, each year, we want to recognize and honor the outstanding creative, innovative, generous and dedicated efforts of specific TAT partners whose actions have significantly furthered our work in engaging more members of the industries we work with, as well as the efforts of more agencies and organizations within their state and our nation, in the fight to end this crime and recover more survivors and prosecute more perpetrators.

To that end, we have expanded the annual awards we present to include not only our highest honor, our prestigious Harriet Tubman award, but also the TAT Champion award.

The TAT Champion Award will be selected by an internal committee and presented to one winner in each of the following categories:

Organization, State Agency, and Association.

tat champion award trophy

Meet our winners!

The TAT Champion Award recipients support TAT's work in a myriad of ways including, but not limited to, the following:



  • Registers 100 percent of their board members’ companies as TAT Trained

  • Advocates with membership to register as TAT trained on a continual basis (i.e. shares quarterly touches with member companies, shares HT news story from the newsletter with member companies, provides incentives for TAT training and registration, passes out TAT materials in the new member packet)

  • Invites TAT to present at annual conference

  • Works with TAT to assist law enforcement in their investigations and encourages them to adopt TAT’s Iowa MVE model

  • Co-hosts a coalition build in their state

  • Provides philanthropic support

  • Enables the Freedom Drivers Project to participate in a trucking event in their state

  • Has drivers from member companies participate in our Man-to-Man and TAT Ambassador programs

  • Shares success stories with TAT


  • Trains officers and employees with TAT Law Enforcement Training DVD

  • Stocks weigh stations, ports of entry and rest areas with TAT materials

  • Ensures that every CDL issued (or renewed) is accompanied with a TAT or BOTL wallet card

  • Visits truck stops with TAT materials, urging them to train employees and distribute

  • Visits bus terminals with BOTL materials, urging them to train employees and display signage

  • Implements TAT training as part of mandatory safety meetings for truck and bus companies

  • Ensures all school bus drivers are trained with BOTL materials by coordinating with proper agency

  • Uses asset forfeiture funds to pay for TAT materials

  • Collects data from interdiction stops that lead to human trafficking investigations

  • Mandates anti-trafficking training for CDL schools statewide

  • Hosts in-depth LE trainings

  • Assists survivors in obtaining a driver’s license

  • Co-hosts or participates in a TAT coalition build

  • Provides feedback to TAT on applicable undercover investigations or relevant case studies

  • Advocates with additional state agencies to adopt the IA MVE model, and with trucking, busing and schools in their state about TAT and BOTL, inviting them to train their drivers

  • Utilizes CDL manuals, websites, and other types of correspondence to train bus and truck drivers about the realities of human trafficking and how they can be part of the solution

  • Plays TAT PSA wherever waiting room screens exist

  • Shares success stories with TAT

Winners will be notified of their selection each January
(based on their work on TAT’s behalf the previous year).

TAT will work with each winner for the best venue and date for their award presentation.