Industry Training Program

The Industry Training Program is TAT’s core program that drives the biggest impact by training hundreds of thousands of industry members about the realities of domestic sex trafficking and how the trucking industry can combat it. By speaking all over the country, utilizing a robust social media program, and via our industry-specific materials, TAT partners with trucking schools, the carriers themselves, the truck stop industry, as well as shippers, manufacturers and state and national trucking associations in order to spread the word.

TAT asks CDL instructors and safety directors to show the 26 minute training DVD to their drivers, and review the information on the TAT wallet card.

Members of the industry can request hardcopies of these materials by emailing us at or by downloading them on our TAT Materials page.

In addition, TAT offers an online training portal for individuals to learn more about the realities of human trafficking, and become a Certified Trucker Against Trafficking.

In an effort to better measure our impact across the nation, we’re asking that trucking schools and companies log on to our TAT Trained page and regularly update the number of students/drivers they have trained using our materials. These numbers help us better understand our reach.

TAT training has produced a significant increase in reports of possible trafficking cases to the national hotline from truck drivers, which has resulted in victim recoveries and the arrest of criminals.

TAT by the Numbers