Stock Gifting Procedures

Thank you for contacting Truckers Against Trafficking to request Stock Transfer Instructions in order to make a contribution to Truckers Against Trafficking (Federal Tax ID #45-2696572). The steps necessary to transfer stock to Truckers Against Trafficking are listed below.

1) Please email the following information to Susan Dold (
a) Name and Symbol of stock to be transferred
b) Number of Shares
c) Date of Transfer

2) Contact your broker and transfer your securities to
a) Brokerage Account: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
b) DTC Account #: 0164 c) Code: 40
d) Further Credit to: Truckers Against Trafficking
e) Account #: 9880-6622

It is the policy of Truckers Against Trafficking to sell the stock as quickly as possible. Using this process will ensure that we are aware of the stock within one business day of its transfer, and that we can sell it at the lowest possible commission cost, thereby making the maximum amount available to credit to your account and putting the most money to work in the community.

If you have a broker that you generally use when making stock transfers, please ascertain whether or not we have an account with them. Transfers of stock can also be made in this manner. As in the case of transfers to our account with Charles Schwab, please contact Truckers Against Trafficking when a transfer is made.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and again, we greatly appreciate your support of Truckers Against Trafficking and the work to end human trafficking.