TAT Shipping Partners in Action


Nissan North America joined the TAT effort in 2019 and:

  • invited TAT to address more than 300 logistics leaders at its annual Supply Chain Logistics Conference in Nashville, TN in June 2019.
  • has distributed more than 10,000 TAT wallet cards to the drivers that service Nissan facilities in Tennessee and Mississippi.
  • prioritized the education and empowerment of employees to understand the warning signs of human trafficking and are now displaying various communications throughout their US manufacturing facilities.

“Nissan North America, Inc. is more than an automotive company; we are a mobility company providing unique and innovative products and services that deliver superior values of efficiency, safety, and style. More importantly, we are driven to serve, connect and enrich the lives of people in communities where we do business. Nissan is honored to begin our partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). Nissan proudly supports the initiative of the TAT program and firmly believes in its mission.”      -Kailey Whitehead, Analyst, Parts Logistics for Nissan Group North America

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