TAT Shipping Partners in Action


Honda of America Manufacturing, a manufacturer of automotive vehicles and parts, joined the TAT effort in 2020 and:

  • is seeking 100 percent of its carriers to be TAT Trained by the end of 2020.
  • co-hosted a webinar training with TAT where over 70 professionals from 30 carriers heard the TAT message.
  • aligned its North American Logistics and Sustainability groups to collaborate on this effort.
  • highlighted its work with TAT in a Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Ethics email communication sent to all 6,300 associates at Honda of America Manufacturing Inc.
  • is planning to include TAT in its Supply Chain Symposium in 2021, which is offered to over 700 Honda North America Suppliers.
  • upon completion of 100 percent carrier participation, Honda Supply Chain Sustainability will cascade TAT’s message to all Honda North America Suppliers in 2021.