TAT Shipping Partners in Action


Holcim, the global leader in building solutions, is proud to have joined the TAT effort in 2020. As part of their multi-generational campaign to end human trafficking, Holcim:

  • joined DOT Transportation Leaders Against Human Trafficking.
  • became a TAT Shipping Partner and registered as a TAT Trained company (LH CTL internal fleet).
  • invited TAT to present to Integrated Supply Chain Leadership at its 2020 Supply Chain, Logistics and Terminal Manager's Meeting in February 2020.
  • proudly displays TAT signage at 103+ owned and operated terminals as well as corporate office locations.
  • successfully trained all US-based Integrated Supply Chain employees (Terminals, Logistics, Order to Cash, Supply Chain Planning) with TAT materials.
  • is asking all valued carriers/vendors to implement the TAT training by Q1 2021.
  • became a corporate sponsor of TAT.
  • promoted the TAT message to industry leaders via various industry conferences and training webinars.
  • is collaborating with industry leaders and federal, state and local government on human trafficking education and prevention methods.
  • is evaluating employee agreements to include immediate termination for participation in human trafficking.

“It’s our responsibility, as good people and corporate citizens, to do all that we can to protect and support human rights. Just imagine the impact we can all make by working together to stop this horrific crime. Through education, prevention, and collaboration, we have the ability to save lives. At Holcim in the US, we believe in a world that keeps people safe, connected and thriving.” -Kristin Beck, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain