TAT Shipping Partners in Action

Bristol Myers Squibb

Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), a global biopharmaceutical company with a commitment to conduct their global business with the utmost integrity and transparency, has been involved in the TAT effort since 2019 and:

  • has set an expectation for their transportation partners to implement the TAT program, and their Global Logistics team invited TAT to lead a global vendor training on human trafficking.
  • is keeping track of vendor participation in human trafficking training to reinforce training expectations.
  • brought together, in January 2020, their Sustainability, Corporate Security, and Global Supply Chain/Transportation departments to collaborate in hosting an event at their New Brunswick facility in support of Human Trafficking Awareness month. The event highlighted the BMS collaboration with TAT. In addition, the BMS leaders discussed the company’s long-standing commitment to the protection of Human Rights, which includes the inclusion of public commitments in their CSR and Sustainability goals since the mid-1980s and their decade-long commitment to support the UN Global Compact.
  • has developed a communication plan, which includes both internal and external outlets, and introduced TAT to the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition, securing a speaking opportunity in 2020 for BMS and TAT to co-present to leaders in the pharmaceutical supply chain.