TAT Shipping Partners in Action


A multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer, Bridgestone has been involved in the TAT effort since 2013 and:

  • introduced TAT materials and encouraged implementation of training to all carriers during their 2015 carrier meetings.
  • implemented TAT training during semi-annual driver safety meetings for private fleet.
  • invited TAT to present to all carriers during the Bridgestone bid-kickoff event.
  • makes the TAT website link and additional materials about the organization’s cause accessible on tablet devices used by field sales group, so they can easily forward this information to others.
  • shares the TAT organization’s messaging with Company Owned Operations (COO stores) and will collaborate with truck stops in distribution network on ways to publicize this important information.
  • educates their commercial sales organization to the social issue of human trafficking and shares statistics they can use to engage every trucking customer they call on.
  • has been a high-level corporate sponsor of TAT since the beginning of the partnership.
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