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***TRIGGER WARNING*** I decided I would be able to share this part of my story after all. My story is one that the media never pick up on. It’s one that most people do not believe. It’s one that is believed by many to be a conspiracy theory. My story is one you will never hear about. I am a prisoner of society’s silence and it breaks my heart that

If you see a minor being sold for commercial sex OR if you see an adult or minor being sold for sex under the control of a pimp/trafficker, they are victims. If you suspect it, MAKE THE CALL! You could be saving a life. 1-888-373-7888

A woman who was trafficked for 10 years as an unpaid laborer in various cities across the United States has been awarded nearly $8 million in damages by a federal judge in Kansas, believed to be the largest trafficking-related verdict in U.S. history. Kendra Ross, now 27, said she was victimized by a group originally called the United Nation of Islam, which in 1978 split from the Nation of Islam