Oct 2018

FDP on the Move!

As a continuation of our Great Dane tour, the Freedom Drivers Project visited the Elysburg and Danville, Pennsylvania plants educating the staff on the realities of human trafficking and what they can do to fight it. Despite being in beautiful rural PA the reality of this horrendous crime is no stranger to this area. Many who toured mention a recent local trafficking case and were glad to learn more about

Purchasing sex…it’s a choice; not a need, not a given, not acceptable. And if $ motivates traffickers to ruin lives, we have to look at who is giving those sex traffickers $. Those are the buyers. Go to the root, go after the buyers. http://truckersagainsttrafficking.org/man-to-man-campaign/ #mantomancampaign

COBB COUNTY, Ga. – The lead detective in a sex trafficking bust that led to the arrests of four people is revealing how a 15-year old escaped to call 911. Detective Mark Erion with the Marietta Police Department testified one of the suspected traffickers threatened to kill the victim. Channel 2 Action News was the only station in the Cobb County courtroom Wednesday during the chilling testimony. The detective provided

Survivor thoughts from Laurin Crosson!

  LIMESTONE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — When truck drivers are on the road, they stay overnight at truck stops all over the country. Sometimes these drivers encounter underage girls who are in dangerous situations. Truckers Against Trafficking is an event held all over the country. On Wednesday, employees at Great Dane Trucking near Danville toured the traveling display. It teaches people in the trucking industry what to do if they ever