In high schools across Brampton and Mississauga, community-awareness posters warn students of the dangers of human trafficking. “Are you the one being controlled by threat, deception, or force?” reads the poster. “Are you being forced to have sex for money? If yes, then you may be a victim of human trafficking.” The campaign is part of an effort to curb sex trafficking in the region, which has been on the

The last of four suspects involved in an international sex trafficking ring that preyed on foreign-born women in Minnesota has pleaded guilty to her involvement in the operation, authorities say. Sophia Wang Navas, 50, pleaded guilty Monday in Washington County District Court to one count of racketeering as well as a second count of aiding and abetting in sex trafficking, court records say. The Chino Hills, Calif., woman helped lead

Human trafficking is a crime in itself but it is rarely the end goal for the perpetrators. Once the act of human trafficking is complete, it normally leads to further crimes like enslavement, sexual violence and physical violence, among other forms of abuse. A prime example is the case of 3,200 Yazidi women and girls who were abducted in Sinjar in August 2014. These women and girls were trafficked to

When most people think of labor trafficking, they think of modern day slavery. They imagine that if a trafficker were to go to great lengths to secure human beings for illegal labor, they would work them as hard as humanly possible — and often a bit harder than that. This is true, and it happens all over the world, the United States included, but it is not always the case.