This quarter’s Trucker to Trucker comes from Harold Doctor, a driver for Walmart Transportation! About three years ago I was introduced to the Truckers Against Trafficking organization through a defensive driving class for all of our company drivers. After we looked at a 30 minute video about Human Trafficking, I became disgusted and appalled that there are people on this earth that would exploit children and young adults to this

This quarter’s Trucker to Trucker is from professional driver, Jaxon Allen, and is an amazing story. We hope you will take the time to read it.  My 19-year-old daughter had a week off from work and decided to spend a few days with me out on the road. We were having a wonderful time, enjoying the sights, as we made our way out to the West Coast. My truck began

Why It’s Not Funny Anymore By Wendy Parker I’m still relatively new to the trucking industry. My experience is limited to what I see from the shotgun position; George is the only driver in our family. I have no desire to drive a big truck … never have … so I’ll never be a “true trucker,” but I’ve lived the lifestyle part time for the past three years, and I’ve

As an instructor, teacher, and consultant, I get to face hundreds of truckers throughout America. Truckers are the backbone of America, and I love working with them. I get to talk directly to individuals that some activists would love to reach, because these are the people they need to help with their cause.

In the trucking industry, we can face insurmountable difficulties every day. Our jobs alone can be stressful, dissatisfying at times, and we can feel like we're a forgotten bunch. But, as bad as we may see our jobs at times, we all have one freedom, and that is, if we don't like it, we can quit. Think about that -- a simple action like quitting. Not that big of a deal, right? If a dispatcher lies … WE QUIT! Can't get home to see family when we need to … WE QUIT! Seems simple, doesn't it?

What if you couldn't; what if your job was one you were forced to do … you were forced to sell yourself for sex, humiliation, intimidation and brutality. You were forced to allow men or women to have sex with you in order to meet a money quota for someone else, or you would face a beating? What if you were threatened and then brutally murdered, because you simply wanted to quit, just to make an example of you to the others.

What if you were a child?...

Hello, Fellow Drivers. My name is Ina Daly. I've driven for Con-Way Freight for 30 years, hauling double trailers in mostly day-cab tractors. Being a woman in that type of operation, I'm not likely to have a young girl knock on my truck door in a truck stop.

Initial appearances of TAT would lead most to believe that their target drivers would be solo, male, long-haul drivers, because they usually overnight alone in truck stops, where traffickers most frequently work their victims while traveling on to their next destination. However, trucks come in many different configurations for many types of operations. Some of us run the same route daily and sleep at home, and some call the truck home.


TAT was established to utilize our value as extra eyes and ears, just as law enforcement has for many years, especially after Sept. 9, 2011. We work where the traffickers transport their victims. Just like truck cargo, these victims are business merchandise and not valued as human beings, let alone as someone's daughter or sister. TAT understands that truckers overall are compassionate people who are willing to help those in need.

As a second generation, career truck driver with mostly other truckers as family friends, I can agree with TAT's assessment of drivers. If you look into the history of trucking, our gear-jamming forefathers (and mothers) were known as the "Knights of the Road,"...