Busing On The Lookout (B.O.T.L.)

Busing on the Lookout: Transit & Motorcoach

Bus drivers and bus station employees are in a critical position to help combat human trafficking. Traffickers recruit victims at bus stops or bus stations and utilize buses in transporting them, either following an initial online recruitment—when they are using a bus to bring their victims to them—or using a bus to take their victims to and from places where they will be sold. When victims are able to get out, a bus or bus station may be the first place they’ll go to find safety or escape.


There are four critical steps that transit agencies and bus companies throughout the United States and Canada should take to support the recovery of victims and to help hold traffickers accountable. These best practices include:

  • Implement industry-specific training for all employees;
  • Establish an internal reporting policy;
  • Connect with the local, state or provincial anti-human trafficking task force; and
  • Launch a victim-centered and public awareness campaign.


BOTL’s free industry-specific training materials are designed to train bus drivers, terminal workers, maintenance staff, dispatch operators, ticket counter personnel, security guards, etc. on how to recognize and report signs of human trafficking they may be seeing in the course of their everyday jobs. Contact info@truckersagainsttrafficking.org for print materials. Click here to access BOTL materials in Spanish or French Canadian.

Transit Toolkit

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Transit and Labor Trafficking

Guide for State Transit Associations

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Human Trafficking Response Protocol Template


BOTL’s posters were designed in consultation with survivors of trafficking and are designed to reach victims with this life-saving information. All posters are available in English and Spanish.


Many states require human trafficking training as part of CDL requirements. In order to complete the BOTL certification program, you must register, watch the video and take a short quiz. Click here to get certified.


We could not do what we do without our amazing sponsors and donors. With your support, BOTL can continue to educate and empower members of the bus industry in the fight against human trafficking.