State Agency Initiatives

In order to discover and disrupt human trafficking networks, TAT partners with state agencies across the nation to conduct trainings and adopt policies and protocols that capitalize on their intersections with commercial vehicle sectors, as well as potential victims. To that end, the following webinar and toolkit were created specifically for Department of Transportation employees, or for any agency employee that works at a licensing counter (i.e. Department of Revenue, Department of Licensing, Department of Motor Vehicles).

Please note, for law enforcement specific training click here.

Iowa Motor Vehicle Enforcement Model

One of TAT’s most effective strategies in the fight against human trafficking is the Iowa Motor Vehicle Enforcement model (Iowa MVE), created by Chief Lorenzen, to activate state agencies in combating human trafficking. Coupled with our coalition builds, state agencies not only become educated on this issue themselves, but equipped to participate in public and targeted awareness campaigns that empower and mobilize additional sectors throughout their state. Click on a pin below to better understand the scope of each statewide partnership.



For more information on how your agency can partner with TAT, please contact Kylla Lanier at


Combating Human Trafficking in the Transportation Sector: Final Report of the USDOT Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking

In 2019, the USDOT Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking created a report outlining anti-trafficking best practices for all modes of transportation and the state agencies that work with them. View the full report.

Twelve states have now implemented our training for CDL holders in their states.

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