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Breaking news: Visa and Mastercard terminate use of their cards on Pornhub

In another MASSIVE WIN for our united #Traffickinghub movement, Visa and Mastercard have officially terminated the use of their cards on Pornhub after investigating the site for its complicity in the rape and trafficking of women and children. Mastercard stated that they “confirmed violations of our standards prohibiting unlawful content on their site.” Click here to read more.

‘True evil in our midst’: Rise in human trafficking reports as more students learn online

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg believes the rise in human trafficking calls in our area may be linked to students spending more time online during the global pandemic. Click here to read more.

Sinister manipulation, stolen childhood: Inside a Tallahassee child sex trafficking network

Police reports from Tallahassee’s biggest-ever investigation into child sex trafficking paint a heartbreaking picture of a girl barely in her teens forced into a life of prostitution and drugs — with her own mother and others orchestrating her agony. Click here to read more.


Sex trafficking survivors speak about abuse at Dodge County strip clubs

Christopher L. Childs, 48, made a career of coercing, threatening and assaulting women, forcing them to work in strips clubs to engage in prostitution with the money going into Childs’ pockets. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison for sex trafficking. Click here to read more.

FBI arrests 28 in Nevada human trafficking sting

A week-long human trafficking sting targeting sex buyers led by the FBI has resulted in 28 arrests. The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office says all of the suspects went to a home in South Reno to “knowingly engage in, and pay for, sex acts with a minor.” Click here to read more.

Ashley Moody launches campaign enlisting truck drivers to help stop human trafficking

“In Florida, we are fortunate to have more than 500,000 licensed commercial drivers that serve our communities every day. Not only do they keep our economy moving and haul essential goods, but they also are uniquely positioned to shine a light on traffickers that exploit our transportation system for their horrific crimes,” said FLHSMV Executive Director Terry L. Rhodes. “I appreciate Attorney General Moody and our trucking industry heroes for prioritizing the fight against human trafficking in our state and on our roadways through this important initiative.” Click here to read more.


Florida program encourages truckers to fight human trafficking

Florida officials recently launched the Highway Heroes campaign, which aims to involve truck drivers in the fight to end human trafficking. Attorney General Ashley Moody and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) on Oct. 26 launched the campaign, which aims to enlist 500,000 truckers. Human trafficking, which involves the use of force to obtain labor or a commercial sex act, exploits about 25 million people, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking. Click here to read more.

Texas woman sentenced for role in international human trafficking operation with location in Minneapolis

A Texas woman has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for her role in an international Thai sex trafficking organization. According to a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, 41-year-old Waralee Wanless was sentenced to 144 months (12 years) in prison Wednesday. As proven during a six-week trial and conviction by a federal jury, Wanless participated in a sex trafficking organization that coerced hundreds of women from Bangkok, Thailand to engage in commercial sex acts in cities around the United States, including Minneapolis. Click here to read more.

Separating Fact from Fiction: Recent cases of recovered missing children and what they show about child sex trafficking

In just the past few weeks, law enforcement operations in GeorgiaIndiana and Ohio have led to the rescue of some 70-plus children who had been reported missing or were considered endangered. In some cases, charges of sex trafficking have been filed. The public will likely never know a great deal of detail about how these children wound up in these horrible situations – and that’s as it should be. They deserve the privacy to heal. Unfortunately, when information is hard to come by, rumors and misinformation fill in the gaps. Click here to read more.


Nearly 40 missing children rescued during Georgia sex trafficking bust

More than three dozen children are now safe after being rescued during a sex trafficking bust involving state and federal agents. Click here to read more.

5 arrested for child sex trafficking in South Carolina, making child pornography

South Carolina prosecutors say they’ve arrested a group of suspects–including a husband and wife– who they say were involved in child sex trafficking and making child pornography. Click here to read more.

What we know about how child sex trafficking happens

What most people think they know about child sex trafficking generally involves stories – young girls and boys being kidnapped by strangers, forced into windowless vans, then driven to another city or state where they are kept drugged and chained in a brothel. While situations like these do exist, they are more of an exception than the rule. A study analyzing press releases and online media reports from over a nine-year period found that fewer than10 percent of cases involved kidnapping. The rest were far more complicated, far less “Hollywood.” Click here to read more.


Girl, 12, among sex trafficking victims Toronto police identified

A 12-year-old girl. She’s the youngest among the more than 215 sex trafficking victims the Toronto Police Service came into contact with since forming the human trafficking enforcement team in 2014. Click here to read more.

How vigilant truckers can disrupt ‘modern-day slavery’

Confronting the truth about human trafficking in America isn’t easy, but for properly trained truckers, spotting it and taking action can be as simple as picking up the phone.

“It is indeed modern-day slavery,” said Kendis Paris, about human trafficking, the practice that inflicts forced labor or rape onto unwilling participants. As executive director and co-founder of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), Paris seeks to stop the problem through awareness and training, which at times may seem too massive and pervasive a problem to stop. Click here to read more.

Chattanooga’s Street Grace tapped for nationwide training of National Beer Wholesalers Association in campaign to combat human trafficking

Chattanooga’s Street Grace, a faith-based organization with a mission to end Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children throughout the U.S., has been tapped to lead the training for the National Beer Wholesalers Association’s more than 140,000 beer distribution employees in the U.S. to help them recognize and report signs of human trafficking. Click here to read more.


Demand Forum, popular tool to curb sex buying, comes to NCOSE!

Men who buy people for sex provide the revenue stream — and thus the economic motivation — for all prostitution and sex trafficking. Their choice to engage in sex buying is the root of sexual exploitation. Without consumer-level demand, there would be no need for pimps and traffickers. Supply (victims) and distribution (sex traffickers) are symptoms. Demand is the cause. Click here to read more.

Upgrades to TAT’s Freedom Drivers Project include virtual tours

Truckers Against Trafficking is taking advantage of mandated time away from the public circuit to upgrade their Freedom Drivers Project show trailer. “While we would rather be on the road educating the public, we’re excited to have the opportunity to update our training material panel,” TAT Systems Administrator Susan Dold said. Click here to read more.

9 arrested, charged federally in connection to human trafficking operation involving drugs exchanged for sexual access to children

A federal grand jury has indicted a Scioto County man and several of his family members and associates with charges related to a child sex trafficking operation. The man allegedly exchanged drugs obtained in Columbus and elsewhere for sexual access to the children of drug-addicted mothers. Click here to read more.


Man accused of soliciting woman to molest her 11-year-old child in exchange for help with living expenses

TULSA, OK (KFOR) — A man was in federal court last week for allegedly soliciting a woman to molest her 11-year-old child in exchange for help with living expenses. Thomas James Heiner, of Langley, was charged by criminal complaint with sex trafficking of a child. During a routine traffic stop on May 16, a woman reported to the officer that on multiple occasions a man known as “Sasquatch” offered her cash payments, assistance on car payments, and a place to live if she would allow him to molest her daughter while the two adults had sex. Click here to read more.

Father describes the pain after Mesa teen found dead along I-10, warns of human trafficking

BUCKEYE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Adrian Walker is still coming to grips with the news that his 16-year-old daughter is dead. On May 22, a body was found on the median along Interstate 10 in Buckeye just west of Watson Road. Authorities later identified the body as Anaiah Walker. Click here to read more.

Aggravating circumstances: How coronavirus impacts human trafficking

The coronavirus is not only claiming hundreds of thousands of lives, but is also causing a global economic crisis that is expected to rival or exceed that of any recession in the past 150 years. Although decisive action and containment measures are helping flatten the curve of infection, such measures inevitably deepen and lengthen the economic recession. Poverty, lack of social or economic opportunity and limited labour protections are the main root causes and drivers that render people vulnerable or cause them to fall victim to human trafficking. This unprecedented crisis will likely exacerbate all of those factors … Click here to read more.


Mississippi Trucking Association presented Truckers Against Trafficking Champion Award

Truckers Against Trafficking Executive Director Kendis Paris recently presented The Mississippi Trucking Association with the 2020 TAT Champion Award in the Association category. Click here to read more.

Man arrested in Denton during human trafficking sting

An anti-human trafficking sting led to the arrest of a 30-year-old man April 23 in Denton, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. William Adam Jonathan Smith, 30, was charged by criminal complaint with conspiracy to engage in child sex trafficking. Click here to read more.

DOT doubles progress in human trafficking fight

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) more than doubled a goal staked out earlier this year to get 100 pledges in 100 days to raise awareness of human trafficking in the transportation sector. Over 200 companies and organizations answered the call for the effort that DOT Secretary Elaine Chao made in January. Click here to read more.


Sasse urges Barr to open sex-trafficking investigation into Pornhub

Sen. Ben Sasse Tuesday demanded Attorney General William P. Barr investigate adult video giant Pornhub for allegedly facilitating human trafficking. “In several notable incidents over the past year, Pornhub made content available worldwide showing women and girls that were victims of trafficking being raped and exploited,” the Nebraska Republican wrote in a letter to Mr. Barr. Click here to read more.

Eight Northeast Tennessee men charged in human trafficking investigation

Over a two-day period beginning March 12, as part of an undercover investigation aimed at addressing human trafficking in East TN, authorities placed several decoy advertisements on websites known to be linked to prostitution and commercial sex cases. The focus of the operation was to identify individuals seeking to engage in commercial sex acts with minors. As a result of the operation, detectives and agents arrested eight men and identified four potential victims. Click here to read more.

Human trafficking under reported

The number of victims of human trafficking in this state is disproportionate among Native Americans, according to the North Dakota Human Trafficking Task Force. However, they acknowledge there are gaps in data, which is leading to gaps in resources. According to the task force, 436 victims have been served since 2016. But that number is much higher than reported, because the task force doesn’t have data from tribal nations. And those nations aren’t getting necessary coverage to help the problem. Click here to read more.


Human trafficking creates liability concerns for businesses

A federal civil suit seeks damages from 12 hotel chains for allegedly ignoring warning signs of human trafficking in violation of federal laws. A briefing paper written by a national law firm says any business could face millions of dollars in damages if they are found to have benefited from “human trafficking if they know or should have known about such exploitation.” Click here to read more.

Pornhub reportedly profits from nonconsensual videos and real rape tapes – here are the latest examples

It’s no secret that Pornhub is one of the biggest free porn sites in the world. But what is lesser-known is exactly what kind of illicit and illegal videos this porn giant profits from. The site has been in the news in the last few months for a range of reasons, but not for the reasons you might expect — they’ve gotten press from Kanye West’s porn habit confession to their “conservation efforts.” Click here to read more.

We’re doing what we can to keep truckers on the road

We run a truck stop. It feels like we’re living in a country on the cusp of something not unlike war. My mother was born into a flu-stricken household at the height of the flu pandemic of 1918. Within minutes she was swaddled in a homemade quilt and placed into the arms of the local priest who had come to deliver last rites to my grandmother and, they feared, to the baby as well. She cried lustily, like any healthy newborn. To keep her safe from the illness, the priest and his driver took her from the family farm to the nearby town of Stuart, Neb., to find someone to care for her. Fear of the killer virus was so strong that three women said no before one agreed to take her in. During the weeks that my grandparents and their other children were sick with the flu, neighbors wearing cotton kerchiefs across their faces left food on their doorstep and cared for their livestock. Now another pandemic marches across the country. Click here to read more.


How human traffickers are recruiting victims in a digital age

The way most traffickers first reach their victims is not like Hollywood movies lead you to believe – a dramatic abduction of a child walking home from school. Experts describe the way traffickers typically target kids or teens as pretty subtle. It can happen in schools, at the mall, or anywhere. However, nowadays, it most commonly begins with just one click, like, or friend request. Click here to read more.

The clothes aren’t what’s for sale in this chilling fashion campaign

Yesterday, five young women stood in a shop window on Toronto’s busy Queen Street West, seemingly modeling fashions. Names were lettered on the glass, and at first glance, they seemed to refer to the outfits: “The Ellie,” “The Amara,” “The Samantha,” “The Maya” and “The Michaela.” As passersby approached, however, they were greeted by a sign proclaiming, “To sex traffickers, girls are just products.” Click here to read more.

A solution to human trafficking? Stop the men who pay for it

The demand for commercial sex is higher on the Western Slope than anywhere else in Colorado, according to Dr. Angie Henderson. That’s been the case since 2015, when Henderson’s firm Avery Research and Consulting began studying the demand side of human sex trafficking. Click here to read more.


Truckers fighting human trafficking are trained to be alert to late-night knocks

NBC News – Brian Sprowel has seen a lot in his nearly 40 years as a professional truck driver. He’s been to every state except Hawaii and has logged nearly 4 million miles across America’s highways. But from his seat behind the wheel, he sometimes sees a much darker side of the country. Click here to read more.

UPS strengthens fight against sex slavery

UPS, which has already trained its over-the-road drivers on the signs of human trafficking and action steps to take, now plans on training neighborhood, small-package drivers with Truckers Against Trafficking training materials. Click here to read more.

New NC law means school workers must be trained to spot signs of human trafficking

All North Carolina school districts must pick by Wednesday an employee training program for reporting and preventing child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. The new training requirements are part of an overhaul of the state’s sexual assault laws that include making it a Class 1 misdemeanor for anyone age 18 or over to fail to notify the authorities when he or she suspects or knows that a child is being physically or sexually abused, the News & Observer previously reported. Click here to read more.


LVMPD: Learn the subtle signs of human trafficking in busy areas

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — This is the time of the year families head out to a lot of crowded holiday events, go shopping and step outside of their normal routine. That’s why the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is urging families to talk to children, especially teens. Click here to read more.

6,000 men pledge to end sex trafficking in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — A local nonprofit is working to have 6,000 men take a pledge to end sex trafficking. The campaign precedes next summer’s Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, an event that will draw tens of thousands of people to southeast Wisconsin. Click here to read more.


Truckers can slam the brakes on human trafficking/opinion

by Eric Higgs for Newsweek

FBI agents recently arrested 67 suspected sex traffickers as part of a nationwide operation.

This effort, which relied on contributions from dozens of federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement partners, is encouraging. Still, more must be done to stem the rising tide of human trafficking in our country. Click here to read more.

Manager of MGM Cabaret arrested in connection to sex trafficking hub, prostitution sting

SAN ANTONIO — The manager of MGM Cabaret was arrested Thursday afternoon in connection to a sex trafficking hub and prostitution ring at a Southwest Bexar County strip club.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said Ronnie Elizondo, 39, knew about the prostitution ring at MGM Cabaret, located along I-35 in Von Ormy. Investigators said Elizondo, a manager that handled the day-to-day operations of the facility, failed to report the prostitution by dancers working in a back room of the strip club.  Click here to read more.

Basketball legend Jim Farmer arrested in sex trafficking bust

Former University of Alabama basketball player, James (Jim) Farmer has been arrested in Tennessee after an undercover human trafficking investigation, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations. He has been charged with trafficking a person for a commercial sex act. Farmer played University of Alabama basketball under Wimp Sanderson from 1983 to 1987 before he was the first-round draft pick of the Dallas Mavericks. Click here to read more.


The dangers of rebranding prostitution as ‘sex work’

In an extract from her new book, Pimp State, activist Kat Banyard argues that prostitution is sexual exploitation. Decriminalizing this industry only legitimizes the abuse of women. Click here to read more.

More than soap – it’s a lifeline

Worldwide, an estimated 2 million trafficked children are forced into prostitution, including up to 300,000 of whom are spread throughout every state in the United States. Tragically, reputable hotels often serve as the setting for their exploitation. Click here to read more.

FACT: Decriminalizing prostitution increases human trafficking

Researchers from the LSE did a study of 150 countries and found that there’s more human trafficking where prostitution is legal/decriminalized. A study for the European Parliament came to the same conclusion, and so does economic theory. Click here to read more.


Truckers Against Trafficking expands mission to Canada

A new partnership aims to fight human trafficking in Canada. Truckers Against Trafficking is partnering with the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking to raise awareness of both the issue and a new hotline for reporting trafficking to Canadian authorities. As trafficking is a global problem, and with the natural industry overlap between the U.S. and Canadian borders, TAT is indeed expanding its programming into Canada,” said Kendis Paris, executive director of Truckers Against Trafficking. Click here to read more.

Every two minutes, a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation and human trafficking

Every two minutes, a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation, according to a report from Unicef. Perhaps more disturbing, according to Shared Hope International, is that child victims might be raped, or used for sex for money, by 6,000 men over the course of a five-night-per-week schedule. Click here to read more.

How to look out for signs of grooming for sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse is unfortunately common. According to Amy Pumo, the Director of Clinical Services at the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18. That is no small number of kids. And while you don’t want to think about that happening to your kid, being aware of the signs of sexual abuse and sexual predators is deeply important. One of the most common ways that a child is sexually abused, after all, involves people the family already knows. Click here to read more.


Panama City police help bust multi-state human trafficking ring

A joint-investigation performed by Panama City Police and the FBI has ended with the arrest of a Pensacola man and the dismantling of a human trafficking ring. Click here to read more.

Judge sentences sex trafficker to more than 26 years in prison

A convicted sex trafficker whose victim told hospital personnel in late 2015 that she’d “rather die than keep going back to that man” was sentenced Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Portland to 26 years and eight months in federal prison. Click here to read more.

‘Operation Broken Heart’: 38 suspected child sex offenders arrested in Aurora

Police say more than three dozen suspected online child sex offenders were arrested in Aurora during “Operation Broken Heart.” The nationwide operation was led by the US Department of Justice and resulted in nearly 1,700 arrests during April and May. Click here to read more.


Undertow of exploitation: how teens get trapped in human trafficking

Her story began like so many others, with an exploitation of trust. Edie Rhea is a survivor of sex trafficking. Her formative years were largely spent being sold for sex by her mother’s boyfriend. It began when she was 10 and lasted until she was 17 years old. Click here to read more.

Anti-human trafficking apps increase awareness and action from churches to truck stops

The United Nations (UN) wants to end slavery by 2030. Slavery is the second largest criminal industry in the world — tied with arms dealing — with 40 million people in some form of servitude and profits of $150 billion in 2015. This will require action from individual citizens, government leaders, and corporate executives. Technology is often used to enable human trafficking, but leaders from all sectors of the tech world are starting to use this same power to help stop sexual exploitation and forced labor. Click here to read more.

2019 Trafficking in Persons Report

The 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report is available in PDF and HTML formats. The PDF is available as a complete one-piece file and as individual sections for easier download. To view the PDF files, you will need to download, at no cost, the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To request a hard copy of the 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report, please email and provide your mailing address. Please note that due to high demand, your order may not be processed right away. Click here to read more.


Human trafficking survivor: ‘We’re the girls you find dead in rivers and dumpsters.’ 

It’s the “Super Bowl of horseracing” but the Kentucky Derby has a dark side so disturbing it almost defies belief. Louisville is a sleepy city on the Ohio River in the midwest state of Kentucky, US. It’s the kind of place where locals call strangers “sir” or “ma’am” and tip their hats as they pass by. Click here to read more.

Hospital staff find themselves on the front lines of war on human trafficking

Dawn Culp has been an emergency room nurse at Bayhealth for more than 25 years but says she never had enough resources to focus on human trafficking — until now. Throughout the hospital’s hallways are small stickers and flyers with the national hotline number for human trafficking. “I post them everywhere,” Culp said. Click here to read more.

Fire lieutenant arrested for human trafficking, sex crimes against children 

An East Lake Fire Rescue firefighter was arrested on human trafficking and other charges on Thursday. Matthew Doyle, 39, was arrested by FDLE agents in Spring Hill. He faces charges of human trafficking, lewd and lascivious behavior on a victim between 12 and 16 years old and unlawful use of a two-way communications device. Click here to read more.


82 arrested in massive, multistate child exploitation sting

A high school band director. A youth group leader. A fireman. A county leader.

All are among the 82 people, including 31 in Georgia, who have been arrested and accused of sexually exploiting children in a multistate sting. The sting, dubbed Operation Southern Impact III, was spread over three days recently and across eight southern states from Florida to West Virginia. Click here to read more.

Florida House passes bill on teaching human trafficking

Children in Florida public schools would be taught about the dangers and warning signs of human trafficking under a bill passed by the state House. Click here to read more.

Woman sentenced to 18 years for repeatedly taking girl from school to be raped in motel

On Friday, a jury in Travis County convicted a woman on two counts of trafficking a person and one count of indecency with a child following an outcry of child sex abuse. In April of 2018, an 11-year-old child said Maria Miranda-Aguirre, a trusted family friend, would remove her from her school and take her to a motel where she was repeatedly sexually abused by Miranda-Aguirre’s boyfriend. Click here to read more.


Why men pay for sex, and why they shouldn’t

When Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, was charged with two first-degree misdemeanor counts of soliciting a prostitute at the Orchids of Asia massage parlor, the question on many lips was, ‘Why would a wealthy, famous man risk his reputation to pay for sex?’ Click here to read more.

Silk exotic strip club co-owner under investigation in federal sex trafficking case

A federal sex trafficking investigation now includes the co-owner of a downtown Milwaukee strip club. Radomir Buzdum co-owns Silk Exotic, as well as a club in Dodge County where investigators say he knew women were being trafficked. Click here to read more.

‘Modern-Day Slavery’: 3 Philadelphia hotels sued for allegedly turning a blind eye to teen sex trafficking

Lawyers claim several local hotels helped sex traffickers enslave young girls in what they call a rampant sex slave business. The two men convicted as ringleaders of the human sex trafficking rings are serving lengthy prison sentences and now lawyers are turning their focus on the hotels. The lawsuit filed Wednesday seeks to hold the owners and parent companies of three Philadelphia hotels responsible for what it alleges are human sex trafficking rings, that happened right under their noses. Click here to read more.


Sector-specific messaging key to fighting human trafficking, committee told

Training materials on the subject of human trafficking are most effective when tailored to specific industry sectors, said Kendis Paris, executive director of Truckers Against Trafficking.

Paris’ comments March 12 marked the second public meeting of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking. She serves as chairwoman of the agency’s subcommittee on training and awareness. Click here to read more.

To catch sex traffickers and protect kids, Colorado is using a new screening tool statewide

It hardly matters whether the child’s been gone 24 hours or three months. When a teen in the foster care system runs away and is found, a 2017 state law requires caseworkers to screen them for sex trafficking. They had 151 of those conversations in the law’s first year. Here’s what they didn’t ask: “How long were you sex trafficked and by whom?” Click here to read more.

Woman charged with selling 2-year-old for sex leads police to child molestation suspect

His name is Michael Lowry and when we rang, he answered the door to his Southeast Houston home. He confirmed who he was. “Are you Michael Lowry?” I asked. “Yeah,” was his reluctant reply. According to court documents this started last year with an investigation by the Montgomery County DA’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. They intercepted a woman named Sarah Peters who was heading to Conroe “who agreed to allow an adult male to engage in sexual intercourse with her two-year-old daughter in exchange for $1,200.” Click here to read more.


Woman sues Portland motel for $4 million, alleging pimps operated there unfettered

A woman who says she’s a victim of sex trafficking has filed a $4 million lawsuit against a Portland motel, alleging it failed to prevent pimps from forcing her to have sex with countless men at the motel for more than a year. Click here to read more.

No safety in the suburbs: child sex traffickers prey on innocence

No doubt, when you hear the term “sex trafficking” or “sex worker” you probably have an image of a certain type of girl. And although it’s true that girls in the foster care system are the most at risk, experts now say girls in the suburbs and even rural areas are more vulnerable than ever. And that is Jessika’s story. Click here to read more.

Utah Attorney General says human trafficking remains a problem

SALT LAKE CITY — Although it is often thought of as a foreign issue, there is still a large problem with human trafficking in Utah, the state’s top law enforcer says. “Human trafficking, modern-day slavery, has never been in greater number than it is today,” Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said during a panel discussion Tuesday. Yet “more than ever, we have new and emerging assets in the fight, new technologies, new techniques, new partnerships that give me a lot of hope.” Click here to read more.


Truckers Against Trafficking has saved more than 1K victims

Truckers Against Trafficking is an organization that teaches drivers to recognize the signs of human trafficking and has helped rescue more than 1,100 victims. The organization’s education mobile landed in the nation’s capital this weekend to spread the word about a nationwide problem. (Editor’s note: The survivor artifacts in the Freedom Drivers Project exhibit are not from cases resulting from TAT calls.)  Click here to read more.

Human trafficker at London Olympics gets 30-year prison sentence in U.S.

An “evil” man who tried to traffic a teenage boy into London to be sold for sex during the 2012 Olympics has been sentenced to 30 years in a U.S. prison, in a case of human trafficking that draws attention during international sporting events. Click here to read more.

New laws ramp up protection for human trafficking victims

On Tuesday, more than 250 new laws will take effect in Illinois, two of which will increase protections for victims of human trafficking. Victims of human trafficking — including involuntary servitude and labor trafficking — will be allowed to sue their captors for damages, will have a longer window of time to do so and will be paid for turning them in to police. Click here to read more.


DOT’s committee against human trafficking holds first meeting

WASHINGTON — Targeted outreach efforts and training are key to reaching industry representatives who can aid in the fight against human trafficking, according to Kendis Paris, executive director of Truckers Against Trafficking.

Paris is one member of the 15-person Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking, which was developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation in October. The group’s goal is to develop strategies for reporting human trafficking and craft recommendations for DOT-funded programs to combat the issue. Click here to read more.

4 ways the US can take the lead in the fight against human trafficking

The US Senate recently endorsed the nomination of long-standing civil rights prosecutor, John Cotton Richmond, as new Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. This statutory post, created under the Clinton administration, has been critical in shaping the outsize role that the US has occupied in pushing the rest of the world to do something about what is now commonly termed ‘modern slavery.’ But the position comes with heavy baggage. As the ambassador takes the helm, he should not underestimate the formidable task ahead of him. Click here to read more.

Part Four: A look at ‘Johns,’ the men whose demand drives our sex-trafficking problem

Sex trafficking, a multi-billion-dollar criminal industry, exists because a significant number of men in our community are willing to pay for sex with people, mostly women but also men, who have been coerced into doing so. It’s simple economic logic – without demand, an industry falls apart – but it’s often overlooked in conversations that focus on the victims and the traffickers.

In this installment, we look at the Johns, whose demand for commercial sex has driven the trafficking industry. We take a look at who Johns are, the question of the “victimless crime,” how law enforcement treats Johns, and some deeper social questions posed by sex trafficking. Click here to read more.


More than 100 arrested in Montgomery County prostitution, human trafficking bust

Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies made a large human trafficking and prostitution bust last month, netting more than 100 arrests. From Oct. 15 to Oct. 30, detectives arrested 75 johns, 11 pimps and 28 prostitutes. They also rescued five victims, including a 16-year-old runaway. Suspects face a variety of charges, including prostitution, aggravated promotion of prostitution, possession of a controlled substance, weapons and narcotics. Click here to read more.

Minnesota passes legislation to combat human trafficking in hotel industry

Businesses in the Minnesota hotel industry have until the end of the month to train their employees to recognize and prevent sex trafficking. The training is the result of a mandate passed during the 2018 Minnesota legislative session. According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center nearly 1,500 cases of sex trafficking in hotels and motels involving more than 1,800 victims have been reported in the U.S. since 2007. Click here to read more.

Combating human trafficking with school bus drivers

At the NASDPTS Annual Conference, human and sex trafficking of students and the role school bus drivers can play to report the crimes was discussed. State directors who were at the well-attended session at the Crown Plaza Downtown, heard details of anti-trafficking efforts in many states, which are now well-underway. Annie Sovcik, Esq. program director for Busing on the Lookout, discussed human and sex trafficking on Oct. 28. She reported on nationwide efforts to help school bus drivers, aides and school staff better identify and help students who are being trafficked. Click here to read more.


These three industries are cracking down on sex trafficking as never before

21 million. According to Anka Rising, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to combat and eradicate modern-day slavery, that is the estimated number of men, women, and children who daily find themselves exploited sexually for the commercial benefit of others. Click here to read more.

New committee on human trafficking includes trucking voice

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has appointed 15 people, including representatives of the trucking industry, to serve as members of the new Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking.

The committee, required by the bipartisan Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act, includes leaders of organizations that fight modern slavery, academics and representatives of the trucking, bus, rail, aviation, maritime and port industries.

From the trucking industry, American Trucking Associations Vice Chairman Sherri Garner Brumbaugh and Truckers Against Trafficking Executive Director Kendis Paris were selected. Click here to read more.

Beshear, TARC teaming up to report human trafficking in Louisville

Transit employees will be trained to better identify and report human trafficking in Louisville Metro with the help of a new initiative between TARC and Attorney General Andy Beshear’s office. Beshear and TARC Executive Director J. Berry Barker rolled out human trafficking awareness training and reporting protocols focused on the needs of nearly 400 TARC managers, dispatchers and bus drivers. Click here to read more.


Iowa launches school bus driver training on human trafficking

DES MOINES, Iowa — School bus drivers in Iowa are now required to complete a training program to help protect students from human trafficking. The state Department of Education began using Busing on the Lookout on Aug. 1. The training program provides both new and current school bus drivers with the necessary skills to identify and effectively report cases of student trafficking. Click here to read more.

Police arrest 34 men in massive Michigan prostitution sting

A massive prostitution sting in northern Michigan has led to the arrest of more than two dozen men across seven counties. Michigan State Police said 73 charges have been placed against 34 men, ranging in age from 18 to 65. Of those charges, 70 are split evenly between solicitation for prostitution and using a computer to commit a crime. Click here to read more.


Human trafficking is a pandemic of the 21st century

Human trafficking is a crime in itself but it is rarely the end goal for the perpetrators. Once the act of human trafficking is complete, it normally leads to further crimes like enslavement, sexual violence and physical violence, among other forms of abuse.  Click here to read more.

Fort Worth pimp ‘Zigg’ gets life for sex trafficking children in statewide ring

A Fort Worth pimp known as “Zigg” has been sentenced to life in federal prison for sex-trafficking children in a statewide operation that existed for more than a year. U.S. District Judge Reed C. O’Connor sentenced Demarcus Davis, 26, on Monday. In April, a federal jury found Davis along with Herman “Pooh” Sanders, 29, and Pierre “Pedro or P.” Lagrone guilty of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of underage girls. Click here to read more.

‘They’re just monsters’ 38 arrested in SC child sex sting

Among those taken into custody were a Boy Scouts leader, a corrections officer, an army lieutenant colonel, and a member of a county ethics commission. Click here to read more.


Everyday heroes – Truckers Against Trafficking

Human traffickers have discovered that American children are easier to recruit and sell than foreign victims, because there is no need to cross the border. American gangsters have found that prostituting minors is a source of prestige and income. Both innocent young males and females can be abducted right off the street. Victims can also be groomed or lured into forced prostitution. Threatened, doped, or duped, these young victims become sex slaves and income sources for these criminals. It happens every day here in America . . . and also right here in Washington. Click here to read more.

Trafficking hits close to home

An ordinary trip to Target in West Des Moines took an alarming turn for a former Sheldon resident, who said she was targeted by suspected human traffickers. The 25-year-old former resident requested anonymity for this article, and will be referred to as “Jane.” Click here to read more.

Dallas-based men’s coalition attacks sex trafficking by working to shift boys’ perceptions of girls, women

Hands kept shooting up in the air. A group of about 25 men sat eagerly waiting to ask questions about sex trafficking, hoping to find answers to a problem prevalent in Dallas and cities around the nation. Maj. Jeoff Williams of the Texas Department of Public Safety sensed their good intentions, but he knows the complex issue won’t have a simple solution. Click here to read more.


Montana DOJ hosts Truckers Against Trafficking training

In Billings on Friday, over 50 people attended special training from the Montana Department of Justice to help people in the trucking and busing industry help rescue human trafficking victims. Spokesperson Anastasia Burton said most of the attendees were from the Billings and Bozeman area. Click here to read more.

Sex trafficking sting: FBI rescues 160 children, some as young as 3-years-old

The FBI and Georgia law enforcement officials saved Atlanta 160 children and made dozens of arrests in a sex sting that stunned the city, reports WSBTV. Named “Operation Safe Summer,” the FBI’s Atlanta field office and 38 law enforcement agencies teamed up to take down human traffickers in six metro counties, assistant Special Agent in Charge Matt Alcok said. Click here to read more.

Airlines want to step up fight against human trafficking

Airlines are set to step up the fight against human trafficking, global industry body IATA said Monday as it released guidelines on how crews can act as “eyes and ears” to identify and report suspected cases. Human trafficking is the world’s fastest-growing criminal industry and the second-largest after the drug trade, according to the US State Department, and there is an increasing push for the aviation industry to take action. Click here to read more.


The connection between prostitution and sex trafficking

Most people recognize sex trafficking as a serious human rights violation, but what about prostitution? There is sometimes a perception of sex trafficking and prostitution as two separate and unrelated issues, with trafficking being viewed as forced, and prostitution as freely chosen. However, the two are intrinsically connected- the demand for prostitution fuels sex trafficking. Click here to read more.

Sex trafficker sentenced to 122 years for using Facebook to recruit underage students

When it comes to porn and sex trafficking, secrecy and lies fuel these huge, toxic multi-billion-dollar global industries. We’re all about breaking up taboos and changing the conversation from secrets and shame to openness and honesty, and that starts in every one of our communities. And one conversation may not seem like a big deal, but it can start a ripple effect of change and action that can make a visible dent on these issues and change the world in the process. Click here to read more.

American Bus Association features Busing on the Lookout in series of articles

Editor’s Note: In a series of articles in its online publication, The Insider, the American Bus Association has featured Busing on the Lookout (BOTL), working to dispel myths about human trafficking, show the effectiveness of the BOTL training, the impact busing employees can make toward ending this crime and the importance of their involvement in fighting it. All four articles can be accessed through the following link. Click here to read more.


Colorado law requires human trafficking education for truckers

Truck drivers in the Mile-High State are being enlisted in the war against human trafficking. A new law passed by the Colorado legislature will require applicants for commercial driver’s licenses in the state to go through a course educating them on how to spot signs of human traffickers and their victims. According a report in the Denver Post, lawmakers and advocacy groups hope that, with more trained eyes on the road, law enforcement will have a helping hand in stopping sex and labor trafficking. Click here to read more.

Truckers Against Trafficking measure heads to governor

The I-40 and I-35 corridor make Oklahoma a prime location for not only drug trafficking, but human trafficking. Truck stops are major targets for traffickers, which is why Sen. Frank Simpson and Rep. Steve Vaughan authored House Bill 2651 that received final approval in the SenateWednesday and is moving on to the governor’s office. Click here to read more.

Attorney General’s Office: pleads guilty to human trafficking in Texas

Attorney General Ken Paxton announced today that his office’s prosecution of has resulted in the company pleading guilty to human trafficking in Texas and its CEO Carl Ferrer pleading guilty to money laundering. This comes less than a week after the attorney general’s office assisted the Department of Justice with permanently shutting down the website. Click here to read more.


Organization helps bus drivers spot human trafficking

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Human trafficking is not something many people want to think about. Yet it exists in everyday places like bus terminals and truck stops, in every state in America. Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Traffickers use force, fraud or coercion to compel someone to engage in commercial sex or forced labor. Anyone who is under the age of 18 and engaging in commercial sex, regardless of the use of force, fraud or coercion, is considered a victim. Click here to read more.

Human trafficking is an often-invisible community problem

“It happens here, and it happens in plain sight,” Teresa Stafford, senior director of victim services and outreach at Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, said Thursday during the “Human Trafficking: Under the Radar in Our Community” training at Jefferson Area High School. Click here to read more.

‘It lights up the brain like crack’: Why men buy sex

The man in the red shirt is angry. My question, which has triggered his anger, was about whether he and other men in a court-ordered program for sex buyers had considered whether at least some of the girls and women they purchased were victims of human trafficking. “I’ve never had sex with anyone who didn’t want to be there,” Red Shirt says, his voice rising. “They’re whores. They wanted the money.” Click here to read more.


Systems change – big or small?

The idea of systems change is gaining momentum. The social sector is improving its tools and frameworks for systems change, and Co-Impact’s recent announcement to invest $500 million in systems change initiatives is set to spark serious interest in the donor community. Click here to read more.

Dozens of Rochester kids acknowledge they’ve been sold for sex

In 2014 Rochester’s Center for Youth Services received 127 referrals from police, medical officials, and local agencies about kids who could be sexually exploited. Three years later, that number had more than doubled, to nearly 300. Click here to read more.

Uber enlists its drivers in the fight against sex trafficking with new national campaign

Uber wants its drivers to help stop sex trafficking, an enduring problem that has prompted activists to press workers on the front lines of the travel industry to alert authorities if they see it happening. Over the past few years, Uber has enlisted its drivers in local and regional efforts to help fight human trafficking of adults and minors. But the new initiative, which begins Monday, at the end of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, targets all 750,000 active U.S. drivers and eventually will expand to other countries. Click here to read more.


Truckers enlisted to fight human trafficking, ‘modern-day slavery’

When you hear about human trafficking in the U.S., you probably think it’s just a law enforcement problem. But there is one group critical in the effort to combat human trafficking – truckers. Truckers are the eyes and ears on the roads, seeing first-hand that it’s an atrocity sweeping the nation. Click here to read more.

Aeromexico crews learning to detect signs of human trafficking

BOGOTA — Aeromexico and the Mexican government are teaming up to train airline staff and crew to spot possible victims of human trafficking, a global crime fueled by “lack of visibility, indifference and tolerance,” officials said. Click here to read more.

Legislation targets human trafficking in hotel industry

The men came, one after another, to a hotel room in the heart of Orlando’s tourism district. For $200 an hour, a 16-year-old girl was forced to have sex with the strangers while her pimp kept watch from a car in the hotel parking lot. After a week, the girl confided in one of those strangers that she was being held against her will, and he helped her escape. Click here to read more.

Articles from the January 2018 Newsletter

Report: Tennessee ranked top state in combating human trafficking

Shared Hope International has ranked Tennessee number one in the country for fighting human trafficking, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced Wednesday. The 2017 report card gave Tennessee a 96.5 rating. The report named one flaw the state has: “Tennessee imposes substantial penalties for sex trafficking and provides tools for law enforcement to investigate effectively, but victims may be deterred from pursuing justice due to lack of trial protections and potential… Click here to read more.

See who in your county were part of 79 people charged in interstate child sex sting

TRENTON — A statewide investigation into child pornography distribution has led to charges against 79 men, state Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino announced Friday. They include three men from Atlantic County, one from Cape May County and five from Cumberland County, including three brothers. The nine-month investigation, named Operation Safety Net, was a multiple-agency initiative led by the New Jersey Regional Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force that targeted sex offenders using the internet and social media. Click here to read more.

Activists pitch anti-sex trafficking training proposal for hotel employees

Human trafficking is an issue that rarely makes the news and can quickly fall out of sight and out of mind, especially when it takes place in locked hotel rooms off highway exits. The victims of this crime, what advocates call “modern day slavery,” are mostly anonymous – women, children and men kidnapped or otherwise coerced into a nomadic, sexually exploitative way of life. But in Worcester, activists want to see something done about it. Click here to read more.

Articles from the December 2017 Newsletter

Colorado man sentenced to longest human trafficking sentence in U.S. history

Tuesday, the longest sentence for a human trafficking case in U.S. history. Brock Franklin, 31, was found guilty of 30 counts, including soliciting for child prostitution, sexual assault and kidnapping by an Arapahoe County jury in March. Franklin recruited young girls and women, and forced them into prostitution. There was physical abuse if they didn’t cooperate. Click here to read more.

Texas has hired its first ever director of human trafficking prevention

Earlier this year, the Tribune’s Sold Out series examined how state policies — including a severely underfunded child welfare system — failed to help child sex-trafficking victims. Since then, lawmakers set aside a budget increase of more than $500 million for the foster care system and the governor’s office approved new funds for trafficking prevention initiatives — including the state’s first-ever director of human trafficking and child exploitation. Kim Grabert, who in July came to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services from a similar agency in Florida, said in an interview with The Texas Tribune that she hoped to help multiple state agencies cooperate to help Texas trafficking victims.  Click here to read more

The smoke screen that’s obscuring the voices of survivors – why we must amend the CDA

I am of the technology generation. I was born the same year the cell phone was invented and Macintosh Apple made its debut. I never knew a time when a computer was not an accessible tool. We live in a time where computers the size of credit cards can stream a giraffe giving birth across the country and can teach us how to do anything from play the violin to fix a leaky drain. The possibilities are limitless. But what happens when those possibilities are twisted into something darker? What happens when we use our innovations to trade in the flesh of young girls? ? Click here to read more.

Articles from the November 2017 Newsletter

Star Caberet ordered to pay $1 million in damages to teen hired as dancer at age 15

The operators of a now-closed Beaverton strip club must pay $1 million in damages to a teenager subjected to sexual harassment after she was illegally hired to dance nude at the business when she was 15, Oregon’s labor department announced Thursday. Click here to read more.

Hotel staff train against trafficking

The Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery and the Nebraska Coalition on Human Trafficking recently teamed up to do the Iowa Hotel/Motel Training Project, which was announced by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds in a Sept. 19 press release. “[Iowa Trafficking Network] estimates at least 50 percent of sex trafficking takes place in hospitality venues, often without the knowledge of management and staff,” the release said. Click here to read more.

Sex trafficking bill imposes hefty charge on johns

Brown County, Wis. As the number of local cases of sex trafficking grows, state lawmakers are weighing a new way to combat the problem: money. New legislation in Madison would create a hefty surcharge for convicted traffickers. The money would be used to help victims and fund future police operations. Click here to read more.

Articles from the October 2017 Newsletter

Truck drivers trained to spot, report sex trafficking to save young victims

The first time Kathleen Eberle watched the training video from Truckers Against Trafficking, she knew she had to do something to help stop human trafficking. Eberle, the president of NPO Transportation in Southfield, was shaken by what she saw on the video while at a convention. Click here to read more.

Interesting findings and alternative interpretations from “Mapping the Demand: Sex Buyers in Minnesota”

Minnesota has been a revered leader in addressing sex trafficking and forced prostitution for many years. The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota has been a galvanizing force in the state’s leadership on victim services, legislative advocacy, research, and more. The latest study funded by the foundation, Mapping the Demand: Sex Buyers in Minnesota, is a critically important tool in the state’s response to sex trafficking. That’s because the research focuses exclusively on the source of the problem: the sex buyers whose “demand” fuels the illicit industry. Click here to read more.

NH woman sentenced for human trafficking in Massachusetts

A woman from Salem, New Hampshire, has been sentenced to seven to nine years in prison in Massachusetts for human trafficking and prostitution. Click here to read more.

Articles from the September 2017 Newsletter

A woman sitting on a flight helped save kids from sex abuse after she saw a man’s texts

A passenger aboard a recent flight helped police save two young children after she spotted the man in front of her texting about sexually abusing them, authorities said Thursday.

The woman, a Seattle-area preschool teacher, was on a Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle to San Jose on Monday when she noticed the passenger sitting right in front of her texting disturbing messages about sexually molesting young children, police said. Click here to read more.

‘Men4Men End the Demand’ takes on sex trafficking

For James Nelson, a former pimp who left “the life” 32 years ago, talking to other men about the realities of sex trafficking is not intimidating or embarrassing. “There’s no special way to do it. Sometimes we complicate things, when the simplistic approach is the best approach. So you just talk about it,” he said. Nelson is engaging men in these conversations as a volunteer working on an anti-trafficking campaign that launched recently at Gee’s Clippers barbershop, 2200 N. Martin Luther King Drive. The Foundations for Freedom’s summer campaign, “Men4Men End the Demand” aims to raise awareness that buying sex and consuming pornography drive human trafficking, causing the enslavement of women and men. Click here to read more.

More than 1,000 arrests in sex trafficking operation

A pastor, a state trooper and a convicted sex offender were among 1,000 people arrested in a month-long period trying to sell or buy sex across the country. The arrests were part of the National Johns Suppression Initiative, a series of stings aimed at reducing sex trafficking in the United States. Click here to read more.

Articles from the August 2017 Newsletter

Update: Child sex sting in Tri-Cities nets 26 arrests over five days

Twenty-six men have been arrested over the past five days for allegedly showing up at a Richland apartment intending to have sex with young girls and boys.

The suspects nabbed in the multi-agency effort range in age from 20 to 70, with 22 of them living in Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. Click here to read more.

House passes sweeping overhaul of law to combat human trafficking

The House on Wednesday approved a sweeping reauthorization of the nation’s most comprehensive law to combat human trafficking, in a rare bipartisan vote.

The bill allocates $520 million over four years toward programs that aim to identify and aid victims of trafficking and prevent it from occurring. Click here to read more.

Inside the fight to take down online prostitution review boards

At first glance, the undercover video captured by a Seattle detective seems to show an ordinary guys’ night out — a bunch of men just hanging out at a local watering hole, eating nachos and drinking beers. But police said these bar patrons were part of an exclusive group that called itself “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” and they were meeting to talk about a very specific shared interest: their fondness for Korean prostitutes, who they referred to as “k-girls.” Click here to read more.

Articles from the July 2017 Newsletter

Attorney General warns against poolside posts

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Despite the weather, many in central Arkansas will spend at least parts of their weekend by the pool or maybe the lake. If you’re one of those people, then this alert is for you. The Attorney General is warning parents against posting pictures of your kids in their bathing suits on social media. Click here to read more.

Criminal records follow women who escape prostitution and seek new lives

Women trafficked for prostitution as teenagers can become lifelong victims — their criminal records hounding them as they attempt to transition into mainstream society. In Utah, however, women leaving the sex trade could stand a better chance after the enactment of a law this year that could open doors for those who were trafficked — that is, forced or coerced into prostitution. But even with the new law, getting criminal charges vacated could be challenging, because those seeking relief must prove they were trafficked. Click here to read more.

 Brownback lauds new law aiding fight against human trafficking

Gov. Sam Brownback described human trafficking as a modern iteration of slavery Monday, affirming his justification for signing legislation to strengthen interdiction and prosecution of people who exploit children in Kansas. Click here to read more.

Articles from the June 2017 Newsletter

Renowned Queens music teacher busted on sex trafficking charges

The founder of a Queens music school used a pimp to find sex partners as young as 8 — about the age of his own daughter — agreeing on one occasion to drop his prey off at Chuck E. Cheese to fool their parents, authorities said. Click here to read more.

Abbott signs law to enlist truck drivers in fight against human trafficking

A Houston state senator Friday hailed the new state law mandating training for truckers to help combat human trafficking and said she will urge other states to follow Texas’ lead. Click here to read more.

Pimp culture glorification and sex trafficking

Sex sells. The underground sex industry notoriously eludes any efforts to officially measure its size, but those of us who study it can say one thing for sure: It’s a booming industry in the U.S. and it’s bigger than you think. The sex trafficking industry generates staggering profits: Human trafficking is believed to be the third-largest criminal activity in the world, after the drug and arms trades. Click here to read more.

Articles from the May 2017 Newsletter

Law hits 60,000 truckers

About 60,000 truck drivers licensed in Arkansas will be required to complete a human trafficking prevention course under legislation enacted in this year’s regular session, state officials said Tuesday. House Bill 1923 by Rep. Charlotte Douglas, R-Alma, is now Act 922. Click here to read more.

NASCAR drops racetrack deal after owner’s arrest related to human trafficking ring

NASCAR has severed ties with a Connecticut racetrack after its owner was charged with patronizing a prostitution ring that police say exploited young men with mental health issues by delivering them to wealthy clients for sex. Click here to read more.

To fight against human trafficking, this state senator wants to train motel employees to spot signs of human trafficking

State Sen. Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) wants to increase services for human trafficking survivors and make it easier in court to put away their abusers. Flanked by prosecutors and hotel industry officials at a news conference Friday in San Diego, the former Assembly speaker announced new housing and mental health assistance for victims and introduced legislation that would require hotels and motels to train their employees to spot signs of human trafficking. Click here to read more.

Articles from the April 2017 Newsletter

Four sex trafficking victims sue hotel for doing nothing to help them

In 2014, a woman was kidnapped off the street, injected with heroin, and forced to have sex with men for money out of a hotel in Salisbury, Maryland. According to a local affiliate of the USA Today Network, the woman managed to access the internet while her captors slept, and she wrote a message to her boyfriend through Facebook. From there, she was rescued by police, and the men who abducted her were arrested, uncovering a gruesome human trafficking operation. Click here to read more.

FBI: ‘Sex trafficking won’t stop until people stop consuming it’

One of the biggest questions surrounding human trafficking is how to stop it. Nearly everyone agrees the first step is education. Click here to read more.

NC law enforcement officers work with truckers to stop human trafficking

By Anne Blythe … A group of law enforcement officers, truckers and others teamed up Thursday to talk about human trafficking and efforts to stop it in North Carolina. The state, with its college towns, military bases, agricultural land, Interstates 95 and 85 and 301 miles of ocean shoreline, consistently ranks high in human trafficking, according to N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein. Click here to read more.


Articles from the March 2017 Newsletter

Lawmakers address human trafficking

With more truckers than police on Kentucky’s roads, two lawmakers have introduced bills to leverage those numbers to combat human trafficking. In the state House, Rep. Sannie Overly, a Paris Democrat, introduced House Bill 266, and in the Senate, Senator Julie Adams, a Louisville Republican, introduced Senate Bill 141. Both bills would require anyone applying for a commercial driver’s license to complete training from the online Truckers Against Trafficking training program on how to identify and report human trafficking. Click here to read more.

Estes launches human trafficking awareness campaign

Estes Express Lines has teamed up with the organization Truckers Against Trafficking to fight human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery found across our nation. Click here to read more.

Emotional Senate hearing finds complicit in underage sex trafficking as victim’s families testify

“Those children were sold, and they simply tried to sanitize it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of evil,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill, glaring at the five company executives sitting in front of her. Jan. 10 was a day of reckoning on Capitol Hill for the controversial classified site, as the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a new report saying that Backpage had knowingly facilitated underage trafficking on its site by actively editing ads posted in the “adult services” section. Click here to read more.

Articles from the February 2017 Newsletter

3 police agencies partner with Truckers Against Trafficking for awareness week

The Michigan State Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol and Indiana State Police have once again partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking to educate motorists on the signs of human trafficking and to enforce laws that crack down on traffickers. From January 23-27, they will be working with TAT to educate the public about human trafficking in the U.S. Click here to read more.

Truckers Against Trafficking to partner with UPS on education plan

Truckers Against Trafficking announced this week a new partnership with UPS Freight to harness the power of the trucking community to help address human trafficking in the United States. Through this partnership, which will be deployed throughout 2017, all of UPS Freight’s more than 8,000 drivers will receive training on how to recognize and respond to signs of human trafficking activity. Click here to read more.

Emotional Senate hearing finds complicit in underage sex trafficking as victim’s families testify

“Those children were sold, and they simply tried to sanitize it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of evil,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill, glaring at the five company executives sitting in front of her. Jan. 10 was a day of reckoning on Capitol Hill for the controversial classified site, as the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a new report saying that Backpage had knowingly facilitated underage trafficking on its site by actively editing ads posted in the “adult services” section. Click here to read more.

Articles from the January 2017 Newsletter

Des Moines identified as top 100 human trafficking site

Washington, D.C.-based Polaris began a national initiative in January to crack down on illicit massage businesses, including six raided last month in Indianapolis. Polaris identified Des Moines in the top 100 locales by scraping data from paid online sites, where customers review sex workers. It found eight locations in the city, according to Rochelle Keyhan, who is directing the national effort. Click here to read more. 

With new enforcement regulations for child trafficking in place, task force considers additional measures

When Rick Walter logs onto Craigslist, he’s not just looking for cheap housing or a missed connection. Instead, the Scott County sheriff is investigating for telltale signs that a user may be trafficking underage children. If Walter catches a trafficker, they can now be charged with a felony thanks to House Bill 1562. The bill, which became law Aug. 28, expands Missouri’s definition of human trafficking to include “advertising the availability” of a child for sex acts. Previously, trafficking itself was a felony crime in the state, but advertising was not. Aggravated stalking of a minor who is “alleged to be the victim of an offense” is also now a felony thanks to the bill. Click here to read more.

TAT works to combat human trafficking on both sides of the border

TAT has joined into an agreement with Mexican hotline Consejo Ciudadano Mx to combat human trafficking on both sides of the border. “Truckers Against Trafficking is excited about working with Consejo Ciudadano to combat human trafficking in both of our countries. Combatting human trafficking on both sides of the border is critical, and we will now be able to equip professional drivers in both Mexico and the United States to recognize the signs of trafficking and to know how to report it to the proper authorities. Drivers are the eyes and ears of our nations’ highways, and they are truly able to be heroes of the road. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Consejo Ciudadano to help end this heinous crime,” Kendis Paris stated. Click here to read more in Spanish.

Articles from the December 2016 Newsletter

Truckers Against Trafficking; Learning to combat modern-day slavery

It’s William Romano’s first day driving a big rig with a permit. He’s learning to back it up, move it forward and park. But something William Didn’t expect to learn at Specialized Driving Training on East Division, how to save victims of human trafficking. ” I have a daughter,” Romano says. ” It worries me that it even happens. That men and women would exploit little girls like that.”  Click here to read more.

Texas bill would require trafficking prevention training for CDL applicants

A bill filed in the Texas Senate would require new commercial driver’s license applicants to complete training in identifying and reporting human trafficking. Sen. Sylvia Garcia, D-Houston, held a news conference to announce the filing of Senate Bill 128 on Monday, Nov. 14. Click here to read more.

Leader of Virginia sex trafficking ring sentenced to 35 years in prison

A man who was at the center of a violent trafficking ring that sold women and girls for sex throughout Virginia has been sentenced to 35 years in prison. Michael Maynes Jr., of Spring Lake, North Carolina, led a sex trafficking organization known as “Horse Block Pimpin.” Maynes prostituted 55 women and girls in Alexandria, Richmond and Charlottsville, according to prosecutors. Click here to read more.

Articles from the November 2016 Newsletter

Man gets 33 years for sex trafficking southern Minnesota girls

A man who picked up two girls in Rochester and forced them to work as prostitutes has been sentenced to 33 years in federal prison. 36-year-old Lee Andrew Paul was found guilty of two counts of sex trafficking of a minor and one count of sex trafficking by use of force, fraud and coercion. Click here to read more.

FBI announces results of Operation Cross Country X

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with representatives from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and several international law enforcement partners, today announced that, domestically, 82 minors were rescued and 239 traffickers and their associates were arrested as part of Operation Cross Country X, an international effort focusing on underage human trafficking that ran from October 13 to 16, 2016. FBI Director James Comey and NCMEC Director John Clark announced the results of Operation Cross Country X today at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) convention in San Diego, California. Click here to read more.

Dad saves daughter from Snapchat sex traffickers

A Texas teenager was lured into sex trafficking after meeting her alleged captors on Snapchat, her father says. John Clark, a Houston-area energy executive, turned detective to rescue his 18-year-old daughter weeks after she went missing in April of this year. Click here to read more.

Articles from the October 2016 Newsletter

Predators turn to social media to lure teenagers into sex trafficking

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Predators are turning to social media as a way to lure teenagers into human trafficking. The danger is literally lurking in the palm of your children’s hands. This August, 41 people were arrested in a three-day operation aimed at combating sex and human trafficking in Nashville. It was all part of a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation sting called “Operation Someone Like Me.”  Click here to read more.

 Texas working with truckers in fight against human trafficking

SAN ANTONIO — As Texas continues to ramp up its efforts to combat human trafficking, truck drivers will be an integral part in detecting suspicious activity, Attorney General Ken Paxton said Thursday as he highlighted the partnership between the state and a pair of trucking associations. Click here to read more.

 Hundreds of young people trafficked into door-to-door sales in the US

Hundreds of young people are being abused and exploited within the travelling sales industry in the US. In a report published on Thursday, entitled Knocking at Your Door, the anti-trafficking charity Polaris describes how unemployed young people are targeted by recruiters who promise them an enjoyable job involving travel and high profits. Click here to read more.

Articles from the September 2016 Newsletter

Interviewing victims of human trafficking: survivors offer advice

Recently, I discussed with law enforcement interviewing techniques when working with potential victims of human trafficking. As a survivor of child sex trafficking, I wrote an academic nonfiction book on the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in the United States, titled Walking Prey. Although I do share my personal story in Walking Prey, this book is much more than a memoir. I discuss predisposing factors and community risk factors for CSEC, as well as the potential mindset of a “willing victim.” Click here to read more.

Woman brought to US as a nanny treated like slave

A Minnesota woman is charged with beating and starving a woman she brought from China to work as a nanny, holding her in a state of “slavery or indentured servitude,” a prosecutor said. Click here to read more.

The deeper problems behind human trafficking

I’ve yet to meet someone who isn’t shocked by the prevalence of modern-day slavery. We’re shocked that it preys on children. We’re shocked by the dirty, dangerous, demeaning work that innocent people are manipulated and coerced into doing. We’re just shocked that it even happens—especially here in North America. But here’s something else that might shock you: human trafficking is a symptom of a larger problem. Click here to read more.

Articles from the August 2016 Newsletter

18 arrested in two-day juvenile sex sting

Eighteen people were arrested in a multi-agency undercover sex solicitation investigation. The two-day operation happened on June 28 and 29. The Fargo Police Department, Moorhead Police Department and other regional agencies, conducted Operation Guardian Angel at two local hotels. Operation Guardian Angel is a federal program to combat the issue of people trying to buy sex with juveniles. Click here to read more.

The ‘5 disguises’ used by human traffickers

(CNN)Across the U.S., there is a movement to prioritize human trafficking prevention in our nation’s communities. Schools, youth service programs, juvenile corrections services, group homes, and other youth-oriented spaces have begun to recognize their great potential to empower youth to stay safe from exploitation. Click here to read more.

Seattle police set up massage parlor in sex-sting operation, arrest 204 men

In the first sting operation of its kind for the Seattle Police Department’s Vice & High Risk Victims Unit, detectives set up shop in a massage parlor they had shut down in the spring. They never expected the volume of business they got from men seeking sex. Click here to read more.

Articles from the July 2016 Newsletter

Philly man gets 30-year sentence for sex trafficking

A 30-year-old Philadelphia man was sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking minors and adults by force. Jerel Jackson pleaded guilty to five counts of sex trafficking charges in March 2015. Prosecutors had alleged that Jackson forced two women and a minor girl into prostitution after first dating them when he was arrested back in 2013. The FBI had contended that he operated the prostitution business out of local hotels and also posted nude photos of the women online. Click here to read more.

Missouri continues work with Truckers Against Trafficking

Missouri is about a year into a partnership with an organization that aims to increase awareness of human trafficking. Truckers Against Trafficking partners with state transportation departments, Highway Patrol units, truck driving companies, truck stops and others to distribute educational materials to truck drivers. The group’s materials focus is on domestic sex trafficking. Click here to read more.

7 men arrested in Aurora child sex trafficking sting

Seven men were arrested after a two-day child prostitution sting last month, the Aurora Police Department said Tuesday. The department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit performed the sting on May 18-19. The seven men were arrested for soliciting for child prostitution and criminal attempt to commit patronizing a prostituted child. Both are felonies. Click here to read more.

Articles from the June 2016 Newsletter

Is the New York Times endorsing legalization of prostitution?

In the early 2000s, the New York Times published a series of articles by Pulitzer Prize winner Judith Miller about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In an era of intense media competition and feverish quests to eke out profits, the Times appeared to welcome the heightened buzz … This chapter in irresponsible journalism resurfaced with the Times’ magazine publication of Emily Bazelon’s feature piece, “Should prostitution be a crime?” Click here to read more.

Human trafficking survivor who smashed triathlon world record

What does it sound like inside Norma Bastidas’ head? The 49-year-old mother-of-two is a celebrated ultra-marathoner, known to have trekked 150 miles across the scorched deserts of Namibia or run double-marathons over an icy tundra in Antarctica. Click here to read more.

When sex trafficking is a family affair

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a story involving six local men who were arrested during an undercover operation that involved child rape and domestic minor sex trafficking. Click here to read more.

Articles from the May 2016 Newsletter

Is prostitution empowering if you choose to do it?

“Sex work” is having something of a moment in pop culture. Yes, prostitution has been around a long time, but the narrative’s changed. The language-shift towards “sex work” is very much a part of that change, as we are now meant to see prostitution as “just a job like any other,” even a source of empowerment for women. Any negativity attached to the sex industry is said to be the result of “stigma,” ergo the solution, we’re told, is to normalize prostitution, not speak out against it. Click here to read more.

Truckers Against Trafficking educates trucking industry on how to recognize and help victims

Truckers Against Trafficking educated Texas trucking industry leaders, general managers of Texas truck stops and local law enforcement on issues related to child sexual exploitation and human trafficking Tuesday at the America Wind Power Center. Click here to read more.

Kansas truck drivers join the fight against human trafficking

Kansas truck drivers will soon be the eyes and ears for law enforcement in the fight against human trafficking. Truckers Against Trafficking has partnered up with the Kansas Motor Carriers Association and the State of Kansas to combat human trafficking in Kansas. Click here to read more.

Articles from the April 2016 Newsletter

Ohio State Highway Patrol participates in Tri-State Human Trafficking Initiative

Troopers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) joined neighboring states to raise awareness about human trafficking for the entire month of February. OSHP, the Indiana State Police and the Michigan State Police take the crime of human trafficking seriously and will continue to educate the public and enforce laws that crack down on traffickers. Click here to read more.

Texas truckers join the fight against human trafficking

The Texas Attorney General’s office has just announced a new partnership with the Texas Trucking Association and Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). This newly formed coalition is devoted to combating human trafficking across the state through training of the trucking industry. “We’re on the front lines basically,” said truck driver Derek Bennett. Click here to read more.

Truckers Against Trafficking takes on human trafficking in the metro

The Olympic Swim Trials and College World Series are just around the corner, and Omaha has been turning up the heat on human trafficking. Police say big events can attract that kind of crime. A group of truck drivers have joined the fight to help against human trafficking.mbert Airportxxxxxxxx Click here

Articles from the March 2016 Newsletter

Boston man sentenced to 15 years in prison for sex trafficking teen girls

A Dorchester man was sentenced Friday to 15 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to his role in a cross-country sex trafficking scheme. Click here to read more.

What we’ve learned from 6,000 human trafficking cases in 2015

Every day, my colleagues answer about 100 calls on the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline. They respond to dozens of texts, emails, and tips through our online reporting form. It doesn’t matter if it is 3:00 a.m. Or Christmas Day. Or during a blizzard. The hotline does not close. Click here to read more.

Trucker’s missing child project continues awareness campaign

Truck driver Dugal Trimble knew he wanted to do something to help victims of human trafficking and missing children after he started following the Truckers Against Trafficking Facebook page in 2009. He decided to make his own group to focus on missing children. Click here to read more.

Articles from the February 2016 Newsletter

AG Paxton announces new agency human trafficking unit

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton today held a press conference to announce a new unit within the Texas Attorney General’s Office dedicated to combating human trafficking. This new unit will be headed by Deputy Criminal Chief Kirsta Leeburg Melton, an experienced prosecutor with an extensive background in combating human trafficking in Texas.

Shutdown of sex-trafficking websites long overdue

Survivors are those who have escaped prostitution and have had time and distance from it. They are the ones looking back at their pasts and wondering how to move forward into the future. Sex workers believe they are empowered within prostitution, as if laying on our backs is the highest level any woman could hope to achieve. Click here to read more.

Human trafficking victim from Alaska found in Houston area

Airport officials said they were contacted by the Anchorage Police Department in reference to a human trafficking victim. Investigators said a 19-year-old woman was taken from Alaska to Houston “for the purpose of the commercial sex trade.” Click here to read more.

Articles from the January 2016 Newsletter

How truckers are breaking the chains of sex slavery

To many girls and women, the world is a dark prison of sex trafficking. And once they’re in it, it’s hard for them to break out. Fortunately, Truckers Against Trafficking is doing its part to curb sex trafficking in the United States.

Child trafficking happening here and pediatricians need to be alert, experts say

Pediatricians who say they have never seen a victim of child trafficking probably haven’t been looking.”If it’s never on your radar screen, you’re never going to see it,” said Dr. Lori Frasier, chief of the Division of Child Abuse Pediatrics at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, who is also board certified in child abuse pediatrics. “Especially in central Pennsylvania, we feel insulated.”
Lambert airport gets high profile campaign to fight human trafficking

A new “in your face” weapon has just been unveiled in the fight against human trafficking.

A big battle in that fight is just getting people to realize it’s happening in St. Louis. A conference on human trafficking in St. Louis a couple of months ago opened the eyes of the National Council of Jewish Women here so much, the council felt it had to do something. It started with a newspaper ad and just graduated to high profile signs at both terminals of Lambert Airport.

Click here to read more.

Articles from the December 2015 Newsletter

Howard police break up prostitution ring; charge three for human trafficking

(Editor’s note: The witness in this article was a TA/Petro employee trained with TAT materials.) Two men and a woman are facing human trafficking and prostitution charges following a two-month investigation by Howard County police, where detectives found women from various states being forced to perform sex acts for money.

McCain, Stanton, Brnovich: Anti-sex-trafficking push showing results

One in 20 adult men in Phoenix pay for sex, one expert says, and local leaders say an effort to stop sex customers in their tracks is having an impact.

Truckers join drive on U.S. highways to tackle sex trafficking

LONDON, Nov 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Truck driver Kevin Kimmel just finished making his overnight deliveries when he noticed something odd at the Virginia truckstop where he stopped to sleep.

Here’s proof truckers may be better poised to rescue sex trafficking victims than cops

Sex trafficking remains a largely hidden crime in the U.S., but a fleet of truck drivers across the country are leading the charge in exposing the criminals behind these acts and in freeing victims.

Articles from the November 2015 Newsletter

Sheriff to staff: stop arresting children on prostitution charges, stop saying ‘child prostitute’

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell announced Wednesday that his department will immediately stop arresting children on prostitution charges. “They are child victims and survivors of rape,” McDonnell wrote in a letter to his employees. “We must remember that children cannot consent to sex under any circumstance.”

Anti-human-trafficking strategy focuses on traffickers, buyers

Two teenage girls found themselves stranded in a snowy ditch after running away from a sex trafficking operation five years ago. Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson told their story Tuesday at a news conference announcing how the state plans to use a $1.5 million federal grant for anti-human-trafficking efforts.

Local communities learn to fight back against child sex traffickers

The statistics are truly frightening. Hundreds of young girls are exploited for sex by thousands of men each month. And that’s just here in Georgia. But communities are learning how to fight back. Out of necessity. The business of prostitution is brutal. And it is booming. In fact, experts say sex trafficking is a $300 million industry in Georgia. Click here to read more.

Articles from the October 2015 Newsletter

Human trafficking survivors graduate from CATCH program

The focus of an innovative Franklin County Court program is to break the cycle of addiction, abuse and street slavery. It aims to free women from the bonds of human trafficking and lead them to healthy, productive lives. Click here to read more.

Sting operation brings human trafficking charges to Mishawaka man

A Mishawaka man is accused of child solicitation and human trafficking after he allegedly offered to pay undercover police officers for sex with underage girls. Twenty-eight-year-old Patrick B. Zimmer allegedly contacted undercover officers Aug. 18 in response to online advertisements for sex with a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl, according to documents filed in St. Joseph Superior Court. Click here to read more.

Country’s first sex trafficking safehouse for males nears completion

Despite opposition from some living around it, the country’s first ever sex trafficking safehouse for male victims in nearing completion in Greene County. Restore One’s Anchor House is expected to be complete in November, and start rehabilitating male sex trafficking victims in the Spring. Click here to read more.

Articles from the September 2015 Newsletter

Solving prostitution

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL adopted a resolution last week urging the worldwide decriminalization of prostitution, and D.C. Council member David Grosso (I-At Large) was among many to applaud the vote: He announced that he is considering introducing matching legislation this fall. Amnesty International and Mr. Grosso are well intentioned but wrong: The policy would do more to hurt victims of sex trafficking than it would to help them. Click here to read more.

How Amnesty International has voted against all of us

On Tuesday, Amnesty International, the international human rights group, voted to adopt a new policy that supports the global decriminalization of prostitution. This is a setback for those of us who oppose exploitation, and for us at Educate and Empower Kids who are fighting to help further healthy attitudes about sexual intimacy. Click here to read more.

Iowa duo sentenced for sex trafficking, torture in Virginia

Two Iowa residents were sentenced to decades in prison Friday for forcing a young woman into prostitution and torturing her, leaving her with physical and psychological scars that a judge said might never heal. Click here to read more.

Articles from the August 2015 Newsletter

Red Classic partners with Coca-Cola Bottling CO Consolidated and McMahon Truck Centers

On July 8th and 9th Red Classic will partner with Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated and McMahon Truck Centers to bring the Truckers Against Trafficking Freedom Drivers Project (FDP) to Charlotte. Click here to read more.

Hotline, soap target sex trafficking during All-Star Game

As tens of thousands of people flock to Cincinnati for MLB’s All-Star game, there are concerns from law enforcement and social service agencies that the game could bring people to town who are looking to pay for sex. Click here to read more. Adult Entertainment Section linked to 495 child sex trafficking victims; Visa, MasterCard, AmEx cut ties with site

At least 495 victims of child sex trafficking in 46 states and D.C. have been linked to the online classified site, Shared Hope International says, a week after Visa, MasterCard, and American Express announced they will no longer be a payment option on the site. Click here to read more.

Articles from the July 2015 Newsletter

Conversation with my daughter about human trafficking

As we take turns pushing her one-year-old brother in his stroller, my daughter asks me why people don’t just stay away from bad people, then they won’t be trafficked. I tell her that usually the story starts out with hope. Click here to read more.

Chicopee arrest 3 truckers for soliciting sex for money in truck stop sting

Three truck drivers were charged with soliciting prostitution Wednesday night during a police sting at the Pride truck stop on Burnett Road, police said.
Truckers join fight against human trafficking

Truckers Against Trafficking are working with the FBI to be on the lookout for anything suspicious they might see on the road. The effort is part of a crack-down on what’s often an organized and hidden crime of human trafficking.

Articles from the June 2015 Newsletter

Looking beneath the surface

It would be naïve to think human trafficking isn’t passing through Jasper County regularly on Interstate 80.

Recommendations of the World Summit: End Sexual Exploitation 2025

All forms of sexual exploitation are a violation of fundamental human rights and human dignity.

Baltimore takes stand against human trafficking

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake signed Wednesday a bill that protects hotel employees who report suspected human trafficking from retaliation. Click here to read more.


Articles from the May 2015 Newsletter

Con-Way Truckload joins the fight against human trafficking

Con-way Truckload, a full truckload carrier and subsidiary of Con-way Inc. is partnering with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), a nonprofit established to educate, equip and mobilize members of the trucking and travel plaza industries to combat human trafficking.

 Locking up traumatized girls is no way to help them

Danielle Hicks-Best’s shocking story, “An 11-Year-Old Reported Being Raped Twice, Wound Up With a Conviction” reported in the Washington Post on March 13, puts a compelling face to our mistrust and misunderstanding of girls and our harmful over use of the juvenile justice system. Click here to read more.

Seven charged in child trafficking and prostitution of homeless teenage girl

Seven people have been charged for their roles in sex trafficking of a 17-year-old homeless girl in July 2014 with two of them still on the loose, the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office said Tuesday. 

Articles from the April 2015 Newsletter

Fighting the filth of human trafficking with miniature bars of soap

A filthy secret lurks in the shadows of every major event where people stay in hotels – the Super Bowl, the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Each has active prostitution, staffed by trafficked women. Lured, kidnapped, coerced, they’re modern-day sexual slaves. Click here to read more.

Report raises alarms over child sex trafficking in Mississippi

At least 90 children in central Mississippi are victims of child sex trafficking and many are sold for money and drugs by their own parents, according to an alarming new study. The report, released by Beautiful Ones Ministries and Belhaven University, focused on four counties in the Jackson area with interstates connecting from all directions, making it a central “hub” for sex trafficking in the southeastern U.S. The authors found that trafficking of relatives is frighteningly common, with primary caretakers allowing pedophiles to use children for sex in exchange for money, drugs, or shelter. Click here to read more.

New TCA Chairman Keith Tuttle: Image is huge issue for industry

Keith Tuttle, incoming chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association, believes his role comes with a mission to deliver to the industry and the public the message about the good works, and successful outcomes, that truckers can achieve. Tuttle, who is chairman and founder of Ohio-based Motor Carrier Service, is focused on continuing to enhance programs such as Wreaths Across America, Truckers Against Trafficking and TCA’s Highway Angel program because “image is a huge issue” for our industry.

Articles from the March 2015 Newsletter

Michigan State Police join forces with Truckers Against Trafficking

Joining the ranks of many other state departments and trucking associations, the Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division has announced its partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking.

Point of View: Prostitution fuels human trafficking

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller writes the following: Human trafficking is difficult to discuss and harder to combat. Traffickers prey on the vulnerabilities of teen-aged children, some as young as 12, who run away from home and are targeted, picked up and then sold into the commercial sex trade. Other victims are deceived, threatened and intimidated into this form of human slavery.

Dear John: A new strategy to address the sex trade

John Attanasio allegedly entered a Dallas hotel room on February 1 expecting to pay $100 in exchange for sex.

His ‘date’ turned out to be an undercover officer. In lieu of paid sex, the former dean of Southern Methodist University’s Law School spent the next hour being placed under arrest, the details of which quickly went viral. Click here to read more.

Articles from the February 2015 Newsletter

Sex trafficking: practice growing problem in state

With human trafficking, also known as sex trafficking, becoming a more dangerous problem in today’s society, Pinal County officials hosted a conference on Thursday aimed at increasing awareness and education among law enforcement and the public. The Pinal County Attorney’s Office and Truckers Against Trafficking sponsored the conference.

Virginia Trucking Association joins forces with Truckers Against Trafficking

In an effort to combat the issues surrounding human trafficking, the Virginia Trucking Association has formed a partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking. The move comes shortly after a Virginia trucker tipped off authorities about a kidnapping and sexual abuse case that potentially saved a young woman’s life.

Recruiting drivers to fight human trafficking

They drive thousands of miles all around the country, now truck drivers are helping to fight human trafficking. They’re called “Truckers Against Trafficking,” and they’re teaming up with the Iowa Department of Transportation to educate those who know the roads best. Click here to read more.

Articles from the January 2015 Newsletter

Truck drivers, nuns unite against human trafficking

Nuns and truck drivers may not seem the most obvious of partners. But in Cedar Rapids, they’re working together to fight human trafficking. Click here to read more.

Survivor of human trafficking speaks to King high school students

Connie Rose’s story is a difficult one to hear. During her childhood, she was sold out of her home by her own father for sex. She said she even serviced johns in the parking lot of the Tampa high school she attended. Click here to read more.

To fight sex trafficking, we need to change the culture (and legislation)

Part of the problem: The Trafficking Victims Protection Act is generally only enforced when it comes to prostituted children. Suddenly, when a woman turns 18, she’s on her own, viewed as an adult making fully empowered choices, says Melissa Farley, a psychologist and founder of Prostitution Research and Education. Our desire to separate trafficking from prostitution, and girls from women, is part of what supports society’s acceptance of the sex industry. Many believe women become prostitutes simply because they made bad choices and erase (or are ignorant of) all the factors leading up to this supposed choice — sexual abuse, neglect, addiction, incest, poverty, racism, and, of course, gender inequality and a culture that turns women and girls into sexualized objects.

Articles from the December 2014 Newsletter

Prostitution: Why the economist has it wrong on legalization

“On August 9th, the cover article for The Economist argued that prostitution’s shift from the streets to the Internet illustrates the migration of the sex industry to the formal economy, and touted this trend as a basis for legalization.  As the State Department’s former Ambassador-at-Large for Combating Trafficking in Persons, I am discouraged that such a reputable publication would endorse the legalization of an industry that not only disproportionately robs the dignity of underprivileged populations, but is also proven to exacerbate the horrors of sex trafficking the world is fighting to eradicate today. Prostitution is not the oldest profession, but the oldest form of oppression.” Click here to read more.

‘Backpage’ backlash: Site frustrates cops fighting online sex trade

Cops and prosecutors combating the online child sex trade say they’ve been frustrated in their efforts to get quick cooperation from — the multimillion-dollar site that replaced Craigslist as a major online venue for prostitution ads. Click here to read more.

Fighting for her soul: A sex-trafficking victim’s story

She remembers being given so many drugs that she would sometimes drool on herself. The drugs kept her loose, so she wouldn’t be able to fight. Or escape.  Click here to read more.

Articles from the November 2014 Newsletter

Pimp gets 45 years in beating death of woman

A violent attack that started at a Portage gas station and eventually killed a woman will send a South Bend pimp to prison for 45 years. Click here to read more.

D.C. cop sentenced to seven years for forcing minors into sex trade

A former D.C. cop was sentenced to seven years in prison today for forcing two minors into the sex trade and taking unclothed photographs of three minors. Click here to read more.

Pimp gets two life terms in human trafficking case

Glen Dukes, 45, whom prosecutors labeled a “pimp” during his trial on human trafficking charges, was sentenced to two life terms in prison late Thursday. Click here to read more.

Articles from the October 2014 Newsletter

Truckers Against Trafficking ‘mobile museum” at UT Sept. 18-19

A 48-foot trailer will be parked outside the student union at the University of Toledo on Sept. 18 and 19 to help shed light on the trucking industry’s role in fighting human trafficking, an issue Northwest Ohio faces regularly as a major ground transportation hub.
Basic Stages of Grooming for Sexual Exploitation

Sex trafficking exists within the larger commercial sex industry. Not all participants in the commercial sex industry are victims of trafficking, but many are. It becomes trafficking when someone is forced or coerced into the commercial sex trade against their will. Click here to read more.

How to Think Like a Trafficker

While sex trafficking is recognized as a rampant crime throughout the world, law enforcement still struggles to combat it. One of the major challenges is that the tactics used by traffickers change constantly, leaving traditional reactive policing strategies ineffective. To counter this problem, law enforcement has to develop more innovative strategies to find the sex trafficking rings and to keep victims away from traffickers for good.  Click here to read more.

Articles from the September 2014 Newsletter

TAT debuts new Freedom Drivers Project educational trailer at GATS

TAT bought the trailer and will soon be taking it to schools, communities and trucking events to help spread the word that human slavery is going on in nearly every town and community in the U.S. right under our noses. But it goes on in secret and most people don’t see it. Click here to read more.

Florida considered to have strongest human trafficking laws

The Florida council on human trafficking held its first meeting, August 18th. The group was created by the 2014 legislature to look at the issue. Florida is already considered to have some of the strongest human trafficking laws on the books … Click here to read more.

Trafficked boys overlooked

Males remain a largely invisible population within the dialogue on sex trafficking. Click here to read more.

Social media becomes a recruiting tool for pimps in North Texas

A 14-year-old girl from Allen writes on a social media site about a fight with her mom. A kind woman messages back, asking if everything is OK. When the girl replies that it’s not, the woman takes her side and tries to befriend her. Later, the teen runs away from home with the woman and a man, who turn out to be a prostitute and her pimp. For the next month, they sell the girl into prostitution in Texas and five other states.  Click hereto read more.

Articles from the August 2014 Newsletter

Ohio children sexually trafficked by their own parents in exchange for drugs

Ohio children younger than six have been sexually trafficked by their own parents in exchange for drugs, rent and cash, a new report indicates. Information from the Ohio Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers shows that 51 minors from across the state were potentially human trafficking victims – five of them age six or younger.

There are lots of slaves making our stuff, but now it’s easier to find them

A new tool helps companies understand the labor practices of their supplies, or their supplier’s suppliers, so they can begin to step up and take responsibility.

15 things we all need to know about America’s appalling sex trade

In the fall of 2012, Deundrea Miller and Brittanie Brattain met a 15-year-old runaway near Fort Worth, Texas. They called her “Jewel.” Online advertisements for “escort” services were posted on her behalf, and she met with strange men for “dates,” while Miller and Brattain stayed close to collect the payment that changed hands. Finally, in January 2013, the girl escaped.

Articles from the July 2014 Newsletter

168 juveniles recovered in nationwide operation targeting commercial child sex trafficking

Over the period of one week at the end of June, the FBI, its local, state, and federal law enforcement partners, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) conducted Operation Cross Country VIII, a week-long enforcement action to address commercial child sex trafficking throughout the United States. This operation included enforcement actions in 106 cities across 54 FBI field divisions nationwide and resulted in 168 recoveries of children who were being victimized through prostitution. Additionally, 281 pimps were arrested on state and federal charges.

Task force operations usually begin as local enforcement actions that target truck stops, casinos, street “tracks,” and websites that advertise dating or escort services, based on intelligence gathered by officers working in their respective jurisdictions.

Truck drivers take to the road to end human trafficking

“The truckers and motor carriers of Montana have partnered with us to put these human trafficking awareness posters on their trucks,” said Montana Attorney General Tim Fox. “The truckers move all across the country, they’re in the truck stops, the rest stops and the highways. They’re in a lot of places that human trafficking might take place.”

National Minority Trucking Association to host nationwide seminar series for minority trucking members

The National Minority Trucking Association (NMTA) and Truckers Against Trafficking partner to educate truckers, owners/operators and carriers on how to start their own trucking business and how to help stop trafficking. Together they are making a difference!

Articles from the June 2014 Newsletter

“John”: creating demand for child sex trafficking

As long as there’s demand for paid sex, there will be motivation for pimps to prey on the most vulnerable – our children – to meet the demand and make money for themselves. In the United States alone, demand continues to be high. Click here to read more.

Sex trafficking survivors face tough future

“It’s not a cookie cutter situation,” she said. “Every person’s survivorship, every person’s path to success, is very different.” It is SO important to support survivors no matter what their age…they all need help in their own ways. Click here to read more.

Jasmine Marino of Saugus shares her story as sex trafficking survivor to help others

“I want my story to be a platform for change,” she said. “I don’t view my story as shameful anymore. It’s something that did happen to me, but I’ve come out of it and I am a survivor. I’m in a position to be a leader in this movement.”Click here to read more.

Articles from the May 2014 Newsletter

CNN recently ran an article on Norma Bastidas, a survivor of sexual abuse who also was almost trafficked, and who has completed the world’s longest triathlon to raise awareness to human trafficking in the United States and Mexico. TAT’s partner, iEmpathize ( has been along the entire route with Norma, from Cancun, Mexico to Washington, D.C. They are putting together a documentary on Bastidas and this amazing ultra-triathlon.

Norma Bastidas runs to Washington D.C. in the last portion of the ultra-triathlon 2014-04-17 13.09.38.jpeg

Woman tackles world’s longest triathlon

Norma Bastidas will run, bike and swim more than 3,700 miles to raise awareness and fight human trafficking. To continue reading, click here.

Human trafficking exists in Nebraska

Nicole Ebat OMAHA(KPTM)–There are at least two thousand people in Nebraska who are forced to work as prostitutes.

Thirty arrested in Winston-Salem for sex trafficking

Police have arrested 30 people in Winston-Salem on sex trafficking charges. To see a video news report and to continue reading, click here.

Articles and Information from the April 2014 Newsletter

Anglicans, Roman Catholics and Muslims sign historic agreement to combat human trafficking, slavery

Objectives include getting the G20 to condemn modern-day slavery, persuading 50 major corporations to commit to slavery-proofing their supply chains and convincing 160 governments to endorse a seven-year, $100-million fundraising effort to implement anti-slavery programs globally.

This hotel is fighting human trafficking like people’s lives are depending on it

Human trafficking is a global issue. As a global company with operations in 160 countries, we have the “sphere of influence” to make a significant difference. Traffickers often use the hotel and hospitality industry as a facilitators. Airlines are used to transport victims and hotels can unknowingly be used as the settings for this illicit activity.

Helping women escape ‘the life’

“(Prostitution) has been happening forever. And forever, women have just been the victims of it,” said Vednita Carter, the organization’s founder. “They deserve better.” Ninety-five percent of the women Vednita Carter helps struggle with addiction, abuse, trauma, financial instability and shame. Since 1966, Carter says she has helped more than 6,000 women get the support they need. In the process, she’s built an army of survivors who have joined her crusade to end sex trafficking.

Articles from the March 2014 Newsletter

Seven arrested in child prostitution ring

Six men and one woman were arrested as part of a child prostitution ring in Jefferson County that involved giving young girls drugs. Three teen girls were later identified as victims, one 13 and two 16-year-olds.

Indy man faces federal sex-trafficking charges

An Indianapolis man faces federal sex-trafficking charges after prosecutors say he forced several girls, one a 12-year-old with mental disabilities, into prostitution.

Bill would require fines for those who buy sex

A Kansas assistant attorney general is urging state lawmakers to require mandatory $2,500 fines against anyone convicted of paying for sex, even if they receive diversion.