TAT has been hard at work this summer, and we’re proud to share some new resources – Check out our three new toolkits for transportation professionals in the trucking, transit, and school bus industries! Each toolkit provides specific information and tools that will help industry stakeholders implement our training and strengthen anti-trafficking efforts.
For trucking
A Toolkit to Combat Human Trafficking for the Trucking Industry in the United States and Canada guides trucking organizations, agencies, associations and companies on steps they can take to equip their members to combat human trafficking, including how they can partner with Trucking Against Trafficking to implement anti-human trafficking training and policies in their operations.
For transit
Transit on the Lookout to Combat Human Trafficking guides transit agencies on best practices that leverage their unique opportunities to combat human trafficking, including how they can utilize Busing on the Lookout (BOTL) resources and training.
For pupil transportation professionals
School Bus Drivers on the Lookout to Combat Human Trafficking provides an overview of the school-bus specific materials BOTL has developed and suggestions for how to use them when training school bus drivers, aides, and other relevant employees.
TAT and BOTL created these toolkits as a direct response to what we were learning from our industry partners across the board, and to the questions most frequently asked as companies and agencies embarked on their anti-trafficking initiatives. Particularly now, with COVID-19 hampering in-person presentations and trainings, we wanted to provide step-by-step guidance for management and trainers that highlights where there may be intersections between these industries and human trafficking, with ample case studies and resources.
You can find all three toolkits on the materials page of our website: https://truckersagainsttrafficking.org/get-our-materials/.
Throughout the summer, we will continue to add to this toolkit series, so stay tuned! Next up: an Empowering Freedom toolkit for energy professionals.

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