Kylla Lanier is the deputy director and co-founder of Truckers Against Trafficking. She speaks around the country about TAT’s mission and how the trucking industry is combating human trafficking. Kylla also handles social media for TAT, including managing the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube accounts. She’s been involved in the fight against human trafficking since 2007 when she helped initiate the state coalition against trafficking in Oklahoma.

Beth JacobsBeth Jacobs, a survivor of child sex trafficking, has a bachelor’s degree in social work and is the founder of an NGO called Willow Way, which helps sexually exploited people find their way from victim to survivor to leader. In the past two decades, Beth’s work has included spearheading the Offenders’ Prostitution Program in St. Paul, Minnesota, field work with social work students at two universities, group facilitation and curriculum creation for victims. Beth, serves as a consultant to ATEST, a collaborative of the 14 largest anti-trafficking agencies in the nation. She has participated on a panel of experts at the New Hampshire School of Law and conducts workshops and educational presentations throughout the country, speaking as a subject matter expert.

Kelley Alsobrook is a speaker, author, advocate and survivor of human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault. She is now passionate about seeing those who have been beaten, broken, battered and bruised become whole. This was the motivation for Kelley becoming that voice for those that don’t have a voice through her first organization, Ashes2Beauty and now EmpowerU.

Alsobrook hosted an online radio show which highlighted survivors and organizations for over three years in order to create a platform for human trafficking survivors to share their messages of hope as well as educate the public about human trafficking.

A Board member of ERASE Child Trafficking, as well as an active member of the Zeta Amicae Auxiliary, Bartlett, Tennessee chapter. Alsobrook has served her community for many years in various positions in local organizations.

She has experience in training law enforcement, child advocates and other agencies on the victim-centered approach, which helps these agencies change their mindsets about those exploited in human trafficking from criminals to victims. Additionally, she provides training on human trafficking to churches, organizations and the public to bring awareness of what human trafficking looks like.

With an associates degree in business management, Alsobrook has worked in the corporate sector, with jobs which include providing HR support at Fedex World Headquarters.

The recipient of the 2011 S.I.S Award, the first-place award for her survivor story from Miracles House of Restoration in 2012, the Eben Shero Award in 2017 and nominated for the Shelby County Advocate of the Year award in 2013, as well as the Visionary Award in 2014, Alsobrook is becoming recognized as an advocate for change.