Truckers Against Trafficking

Graphics Class Proposal 

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is an award-winning, highly effective, 501c3 organization which educates, equips, empowers and mobilizes the seven million members of the United States trucking industry to fight human trafficking as part of their everyday jobs. We work with every type of role within the trucking industry, from drivers and mechanics to executives, truck stop personnel, trucking schools, suppliers, shippers, insurers and manufacturers. We also work closely with law enforcement throughout the country (at all levels and from all organizations), training and helping them understand the importance of working in partnership with the trucking industry to fight this heinous crime. We use social media, including Facebook (we have approximately 135,000 followers), Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, to further our educational objectives, using visually attractive memes to catch people’s attention, deliver a message and remain memorable.

Objective: To create a series of high quality, professional graphics for use across TAT’s social media platforms.


Monday Motivation: Inspirational quotes that motivate and encourage people to keep doing the right thing.

Trucker Tuesday: Trucking pride graphics; there should be no mention of human trafficking or any other type of messaging. These are straight trucker pride and acknowledgement.

Survivor Thoughts: Quotes from survivors that bring attention to issues within the movement. Some are educational; some are hard hitting; some are inspirational. (Quotes will be provided to you)

Human Trafficking Informational: Simple, straightforward, small amounts of relevant HT information or firm statements underlying TAT’s philosophy and core beliefs.

Trucking Thoughts: Quotes from trucking industry members that indicate why they support TAT and/or why they fight against trafficking. Quotes will be provided.

Holiday Memes: Typically trucking-themed, combined with the particular holiday that wishes them a happy holiday, but also thanks for their sacrifice, as most are still on the road during the holiday season.

Graphics should be 600 x 600 pixels to fit onto Instagram. All graphics should carry the TAT logo. We stay away from pinks and most pastels, except on Survivor Thoughts and possibly some of the Monday Motivations.

Our target audience is mostly male and blue collar. TAT will provide parameters on what language we both use and stay away from surrounding prostitution/trafficking, etc.

To download the proposal document, click here