Donate to Truckers Against Trafficking. It’s easy!

Why is this work important?

Our work would not be possible without the generous support of our corporate sponsors, granting foundations and private donors.

You can help us further our work by various methods. See below for a list of suggested ways to partner and donate … or email us with your own unique idea.

Trucking Companies

  • Consider implementing an employee giving and/or matching program and encourage your employees to support TAT through the system you use.
  • Become a corporate sponsor.
  • Purchase our 11×14 trailer stickers for your fleet.
  • Donate a haul for getting the Freedom Drivers Project to events.

State Trucking Associations

Include TAT as a charity that benefits from:

  • Sponsor an Annual Association Fundraising Challenge (i.e. California Trucking Association Fundraiser).
  • A 50/50 raffle (i.e. Colorado Motor Carriers Association Truck Driving Championship raffle).
  • Special event t-shirt sales (i.e. Colorado Motor Carriers Association 50th TDC Anniversary shirts).
  • An outing such as a golf tourney or trap shoot (i.e. Florida Trucking Association’s Annual Herman Fauss Golf Tournament Fundraiser or New Mexico Trucking Association’s “Cops vs. Truckers” Trap Shooting Competition).
  • Host an annual auction.

Truck Stops/Travel Plazas

  • Sell TAT merchandise at your locations.
  • Fundraise or collect donations for TAT at your locations.
  • Become a corporate sponsor.


  • Consider hosting a screening of our DVD or a spaghetti dinner where donations will be collected on TAT’s behalf.
  • Sign up for a charity race with TAT as your charity of choice (i.e. Justice Run).
  • Consider TAT as a recipient for a memorial gift or bequest.
  • Sign up for easy monthly giving via our safe and secure Network for Good fundraising page.