The coalition build (CB) program has continued to be a catalyst in expanding TAT’s mission and impact across the nation. Pathways for strategic engagement at the state and local levels are created as an influential group of individuals come together to leverage their networks in the fight against human trafficking. The coalition builds create a platform to showcase TAT’s work, resources and partnerships more than any other program or event. Not only does our program build the structure for networking on the front lines between professional drivers, bus terminal workers, truck stop managers and their local law enforcement, it also results in practical changes when calls are made on behalf of victims. The CB program’s influence lies in the ability to turn decision makers at trucking companies, bus companies, energy companies, transportation associations, government agencies and law enforcement agencies into force multipliers as they implement TAT’s training resources within their diverse spheres of influence.

Coalition build best practices learned and employed:

  • Equip and empower all audiences to take action in their sphere of influence by providing turnkey pathways for engagement
  • The formation of public-private partnerships to combat human trafficking
  • Facilitation of inter-agency collaboration

To read the coalition build mission statement and goals, click here.

To read the latest coalition build impact reports, click here.

State Impact At-A-Glance

In order to discover and disrupt human trafficking networks, TAT works with state agencies across the nation to conduct trainings, and adopt policies and protocols that capitalize on their intersections with commercial vehicle sectors, as well as potential victims. Leveraging the coalition build as the starting point, or the next critical phase in the work a state is doing in conjunction with TAT, click on a pin below to better understand the scope of each statewide partnership.

Upcoming Events:

January 25, 2023 – Calexico, California
February 15, 2023 – El Paso, Texas