Dec 2014

Trucker Tuesday!


Dec 2014

Carmen’s Crew

“When I saw your Facebook page, I immediately thought of my husband, Carmen. He would have been sooo on board with this, and I wanted to do something to help raise awareness,” Crystal DiLuzio shared. Carmen DiLuzio owned a business towing cars for years, but he had a desire to drive the bigger rigs. He went to school and got his CDL. At first he was OTR and would be

A little Monday motivation for you! Thank you for NOT staying silent and for recognizing the signs of human trafficking and then doing something about it. Make the call, save lives!1-888-3737-888


Dec 2014

TAT’s Message

Some people have asked so let me say again, TAT’s mission is simple and clear: If you see anyone underage being prostituted (doesn’t matter what they are wearing, how they are talking/walking, if they look like they like it), if under 18 being sold for commercial sex, it is human trafficking! If you see evidence of pimp control (car pulling up and several people getting out to prostitute or talk

The TAT team had a great couple of days in Denver working on 2015 goals for the organization and strategizing about how to combat human trafficking more effectively! It was good to have us together for this important meeting.