Sarah was 13 years old when she was lured into prostitution by two men from her New York City neighborhood. For the next two years, she was sold to buyers who were eager to purchase her adolescent body. Her pimp required her to meet a quota and when she didn’t, she was brutalized. There were many moments when Sarah tried to leave the life of prostitution. Each time, her exploiter

From Survivor Activist and Writer Alisa Bernard

A dramatic sentencing unfolded in Santa Barbara County Superior Court on Friday, ending the first human-trafficking case ever to be brought to trial in the county. The court heard a heartrending witness statement from a young woman who had been forced into prostitution since her early teens. The man convicted of forcing the teen into prostitution, which took place in Santa Barbara County as well as other locations, was sentenced

PLEASE SHARE!Neva is just 17 and missing out of San Antonio, Texas. She has been categorized as a High Risk Child (HRC). NCMEC’s High Risk Child Poster listserve features actively missing children who are at high risk for a variety of endangerments including child sex trafficking Let’s bring her home! Check out the new, simple ONLINE form to sign up for HRC fliers in your area!  


Feb 2016

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