To follow the very cool sTATe of the sTATes campaign in its entirety, please follow us on Instagram  William Brady is our featured #Trucker Against Trafficking for our #sTATe of the week, #Minnesota! When we asked him why he is a #TAT he said, “Education and awareness are the key to keeping our families safe.” Thank you for all of your work with TAT and for truly striving to make the world a better and safer place

TAT will be at the Mid West Truck and Trailer Show in Peoria, IL on February 6-7 and the Freedom Drivers Project will be available for touring! We owe our thanks to Don Schaefer and the good folks of Mid-West Truckers Association for donating booth space to TAT in order to display the Freedom Drivers Project! We’re very excited to be coming to Peoria, IL this year and participate in this


Jan 2015


Truth!  We can help by investing in the lives of young people in our communities. Get involved in Big Brothers, Big Sisters or some other mentoring program. Form a group of friends or colleagues and start a crafting, baking or sports club for at-risk youth. Volunteer to tutor kids in your neighborhood school. Ask local law enforcement or school leaders what is needed in your town, and then see how you

Every little act of compassion, every call to report suspected human trafficking, every smile, every kindness has an impact! Just a little Monday Motivation for you. Make the call, save lives! 1-888-3737-888