A Washington D.C. man was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in federal prison for sex trafficking after he repeatedly paid a 15-year-old girl for sex before detectives took over her Facebook account and caught him in Odenton. U.S. District Court Judge Catherine C. Blake also sentenced Leon R. Harrison, 56, to a lifetime of supervised release and that he must register as sex offender when he’s released from prison, according

ROSWELL, N.M.- A call from a woman who said she had been kidnapped and beaten led to a sex trafficking investigation in Roswell. Police say the events unfolded after 43-year-old Joseph Lucero contacted 41-year-old Lorena Beltran to meet at his house on Emerald Street. Lucero’s sister, 49-year-old Lisa Lucero, was at that house. According to the criminal complaint, she confronted Beltran at gunpoint about her 20-year old daughter’s whereabouts. Tasha

The front line of stopping sex trafficking could be at the front desk. Soon, the state may require all hotels to train their staff to recognize the signs of a trafficking victim. But the world’s largest hotel chain is not waiting. Over the past two years, Marriott International has trained 600,000 employees on how to spot the signs of human trafficking. All new hires are taught these signs as well.

There’s a parable about a villager who one day spots a drowning baby and pulls it from a river. The next day, he sees two more and snatches them from the same swift waters. The following day, four babies are caught in the turbulent current. And then eight, then more, and more. Deborah Richardson, executive director of the International Human Trafficking Institute, retold the story recently to make a point.

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