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Apr 2019



Apr 2019

MATS 2019

MATS 2019 is in the books! TAT had an incredible time at MATS this year. We connected with faithful supporters, made lots of new contacts, and encouraged everyone to “Make the call to save lives”. Highlights include: The Everyday Heroes Truck, Kenworth’s truck designed specifically for TAT to be auctioned off May 17th at Richie Brothers, was in the South Lobby at the show. The truck received lots of exposure

Johns who paid for sex with these women should be charged with aggravated sexual assault for raping kidnapped women,’ says Jenni. Increasing numbers of countries are treating johns as sexual predators, and criminalizing the very act of paying for sex, while considering the women they buy or attempt to buy as victims. Known as the ‘Nordic Model’ because it was first introduced in Sweden in 1999, and closely followed by

She was 17 years old when she met a man more than twice her age in the Florida Keys in October. He flashed a wad of cash at a McDonald’s and told her it could be hers if she worked for him, according to court records. They had sex numerous times, and he gave her the club drug Molly to smoke. She later told investigators that he took photographs and