Survivor thoughts from Sula Skiles! Full decriminalization or legalization of prostitution does NOT end or lessen sex trafficking. Prostitution and sex trafficking are completely linked and intersected. The one creates the market for the other. You must remember that there is never enough willing “supply” to meet the demand, and sex traffickers have long since filled that supply with their victims. The call for full decriminalization of prostitution and the

Christine Vinson, the president of the Junior League of New Orleans, has felt strongly about human trafficking for a while. In May 2019, after meeting Truckers Against Trafficking, Vinson had a plan for how her Junior League could make an impact in New Orleans. “We’re not necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel, but more or less trying to bring awareness and education to the topic,” said Vinson. According to the


Feb 2020

Trucker Tuesday!

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – There are currently detectives in each of the six Madison Police Districts who divide their time between human trafficking cases and other crimes. The Madison Police Department is adding a full time position for a detective to solely focus on human trafficking cases. However, this year, one of those detectives is stepping into a new position where he’ll focus only on human trafficking. “It happens in

A big display in the center of downtown to draw awareness to human trafficking. Today is national sex trafficking awareness day. ‘We are not for sale’, is the message A21 wants to spread about human trafficking. The group set up a life-size Barbie box they said represents the thousands of people across the country who have become victims of human trafficking being sold as sex slaves. WAAY 31 talked to