We’re sending a shout out to Aeropres Corporation, whose partnership with TAT to combat human trafficking was highlighted in the May issue of Spray Magazine! Not only are they a copper level sponsor, they’ve also taken steps to train each of their current drivers and embedded TAT training materials into its new driver on-boarding process.   “This initiative aligns with who we are as a company and we see it

The U.S. Department of Transportation‘s released a report earlier this month that they had more than doubled a goal staked out earlier this year to get 100 pledges in 100 days to raise awareness of human trafficking in the transportation sector. Over 200 companies and organizations answered the call for the effort that DOT Secretary Elaine Chao made in January. They also announced the winners of the Combating Human Trafficking in

“As America grapples with the coronavirus and daily life is altered, the nation’s truck drivers are among those who are risking their personal health and doing the hard work to keep products moving to stores, hospitals and elsewhere.”   From a 5-year-old thanking delivery people daily with snacks and drinks, organizations offering free meals to truckers on the road, to stocking travel plazas with girl scout cookies, Transport Topics shares

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t lessened the need for services for human trafficking victims, but it has changed some of the types of services used and how shelters operate. Hotline calls received by Polaris, a national nonprofit combating human trafficking, during the spread of the novel coronavirus has remained on par with similar times last year, but the types of services people are seeking has shifted.   The hotline has seen

Have you watched Tiger King yet? Did it ever strike you as strange that Joe Exotic appeared to lure and control young men with drugs? Or that Doc Antle recruited lost women looking for a purpose in life? That both men underpaid and overworked their staff? Such behaviors are hallmarks of human trafficking and warrant a closer look. Stories of exploitative individuals are all around us — from crime reports