Following a call about a car with three flat tires sitting out of place, police found three men from Maine who had come to pick up a woman who had been staying in Robert Lee Horsley’s apartment.   The woman later told police that she had ended up homeless in Maine and was staying with another friend, who then connected her with Horsley.   Horsley allowed her to live in

At the end of the day if no one purchased commercial sex, the crime of sex trafficking wouldn’t exist. That’s why TAT created our Man to Man campaign addressing the demand for commercial sex- with three simple resources: Man to Man training video Brochure about the issue of demand and why it matters Sample anti-trafficking in persons policy with a demand reduction focus for companies. Take a look at the

The University Heights Police Blotter recently provided a perfect example of a woman who observed a situation that didn’t seem quite right, and made the call.   At 7:40 p.m. April 30, a woman, 39, returned to her apartment after being out of state for the past month. In her apartment’s parking lot, she noticed two cars that were unfamiliar. She asked the cars’ drivers what they were doing there

We’ve been getting many questions about what impact COVID-19 is having on human trafficking. The sad reality is that the economic and social stressors of a pandemic like this can increase vulnerabilities to human trafficking. At the same time, services that might usually be available to help address those vulnerabilities – such as shelters – are facing their own restrictions and barriers to providing services to meet increasing demand. PLEASE

Thanks to TAT Ambassador and professional truck driver Bill McNamee for taking a moment to encourage all drivers to remain at the top of their game and to stay vigilant in the fight against human trafficking in the midst of COVID-19! This message is especially important during this pandemic as traffickers will continue exploiting their victims … and members of the transportation industry need to continue to pay attention and