From driver Tony Green: “As we grow older and look back on our life, most of us will have some regrets, if only minor ones. It’s not always what we did or said but rather what we didn’t say or do… Like most I have my own regrets. I regret that there wasn’t a Truckers Against Trafficking when I first started trucking. I regret that I didn’t know what human

From Professional Truck Driver John Grosvenor   Honor and Valor   22 years ago when I started driving big trucks, I witnessed a 379 Peterbilt parked in the back of a truck stop in Michigan. A large group of teenage girls (not of consenting age) emerged from that truck and started “working” the truck stop. They appeared to be directed by a middle-aged Asian woman. Many years later I stopped

“I recently did an interview representing TAT with Kens5 news in San Antonio, TX. As a truck driver, I’ve always wondered what my purpose was other than driving. I found out that purpose was to help kids who are being trafficked throughout our country. Being able to go into schools and help make kids aware of the dangers of traffickers and the people who recruit for these traffickers has been