By: Gina Hope I’ve given a great deal of thought about what to share and am so grateful I was recently blessed with the opportunity to share my story at a homeless shelter.  I’m starting an organization to help other human trafficking survivors and bring awareness of human trafficking to our nation, and what blessed me most at that shelter was being able to look around at all of the

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month and my wish is that we all work to make a real difference every month and every day of the year because victims are exploited, coerced and trafficked every day. What can we do? We often see reports and read articles about the same type of human trafficking victims and we read the same lists of ways we can make a difference.  I

  “Sex trafficking and the distractions caused by ‘labeling’ the problem” By Marian Hatcher   Lately, I feel like I am in the cat bird seat. Being in survivor leadership and working for law enforcement, I have a unique view of efforts to effectively impact human trafficking. Recently the best way to describe what I see is that we have become small and large pockets in “Groupthink” mode.   Irving Lester

Editor’s note: Many people often don’t understand when a recovered trafficking survivor struggles in her life of freedom…the ups and downs; missing the trafficker; the return to the only life they remember, etc. The healing journey is a long process, to say the least, and one that must be met with patience and understanding for those working with survivors.  Healing is a journey  By: Wendy Barnes   My rescue from

Sex Trafficking Survivors need Housing First      As a survivor of “The Life” of Sex Trafficking here in the States I know first hand how difficult it is to get out and stay out for good. The many times I escaped from my pimp I would find myself alone, scared, with no where to go. Often times I would pack up my stuff and secretly leave when he wasn’t home.