From driver Tony Green: “As we grow older and look back on our life, most of us will have some regrets, if only minor ones. It’s not always what we did or said but rather what we didn’t say or do… Like most I have my own regrets. I regret that there wasn’t a Truckers Against Trafficking when I first started trucking. I regret that I didn’t know what human

For many survivors of human trafficking, the hidden wounds and the internal scars caused by the abuse and exploitation they suffered act as a protection from further abuse by closing them off to full interaction with themselves and others. Tajuan McCarty, survivor leader and advocate, speaks frankly here about her own struggles and how she is finding deep healing and restoration.   I ran away at 12 for the first

From Professional Truck Driver John Grosvenor   Honor and Valor   22 years ago when I started driving big trucks, I witnessed a 379 Peterbilt parked in the back of a truck stop in Michigan. A large group of teenage girls (not of consenting age) emerged from that truck and started “working” the truck stop. They appeared to be directed by a middle-aged Asian woman. Many years later I stopped

Autumn Burris: Founder/Director Survivors for Solutions   In the Know: A Survivor’s Perspective will be a monthly blog segment. We are excited about the opportunity to hear from survivors and learn from their expertise and experiences. Thank you to Ms. Burris for being our first guest blogger for this series. We love her work!