Parent of daughters by Linda Caffee When I look at our adult daughters and what they have made of their lives, I imagine how different it could have been for them if they had become runaways.  Our daughters were no different than other children or any different than I was as a teenager. At one moment they rebelled, and, in the next second, they were the loving and trusting daughters

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month and my wish is that we all work to make a real difference every month and every day of the year because victims are exploited, coerced and trafficked every day. What can we do? We often see reports and read articles about the same type of human trafficking victims and we read the same lists of ways we can make a difference.  I

Dear God, I need you today. I acknowledge I cannot do all. I depend on you to help me get where I need to go. Help me not to get discouraged. I know your ways are perfect. Bless me with more Faith and Hope. Amen As always it is such an honor and a privilege when Truckers Against Trafficking gives me the opportunity to share things about human trafficking and

  “Sex trafficking and the distractions caused by ‘labeling’ the problem” By Marian Hatcher   Lately, I feel like I am in the cat bird seat. Being in survivor leadership and working for law enforcement, I have a unique view of efforts to effectively impact human trafficking. Recently the best way to describe what I see is that we have become small and large pockets in “Groupthink” mode.   Irving Lester

Hi, my name is Brian Asbury, and I am an over-the-road driver with Holland Enterprises, Inc. I have been involved with TAT for about the last 4 years, and during that time I have learned a lot about this terrible, heinous crime called sex trafficking, and how it destroys the lives of those who are being trafficked. To put it mildly, I get angry when I hear people, especially my