TAT Quarterly Book Review Kylla Lanier, TAT Deputy Director The Johns by Victor Malarek            Our focus has always been on the prostituted woman … we are scandalized by her … we have judged, hated and blamed her for her exploitation. She has been the subject of films, books, scathing editorials, the butt of jokes and the victim of cruel pranks and evil crimes. But what

Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd Book review by Kylla Leeburg, TAT Deputy Director I’ll be honest, I have struggled for a couple of weeks with writer’s block in regards to this book review of Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd. How do I do it justice? How do I convey the power, the emotional transparency, the interwoven analysis, the brutality of these girls’ lives and the unwavering hope in

  Walking Prey: How America’s Youth Are Vulnerable to Sex Slavery  by Holly Austin Smith I read Walking Prey out of my respect for Holly Smith’s advocacy and survivor perspective. I had read and posted many of the articles she had written for the Washington Times Community Section on our Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) social media sites over the last year, so I was excited about her book. Walking Prey: