Read what happened when Tracey Kelly and her husband called in about suspected trafficking in Maryland yesterday. It doesn’t have the ending we all hope for, BUT, having spoken to many survivors, what Tracey did after the call, could be the beginning of this young lady getting out. Well done, driver, well done! “Well my husband and I just called about a young lady in Maryland,and we were informed that because

TAT does NOT run the national human trafficking resource center (1-888-3737-888). It is run by Polaris, but we work closely with them as partners. But I want to stress that WHEN you see human trafficking occurring that you call them….they want to hear from the person who is there witnessing the suspected trafficking. It is critical the hotline receive the call so they can send it to their law enforcement

The problem with men is that they have traditionally been silent and have taken a back seat in the movement to end modern day slavery. But it begs the question of why?  Men have been demonized in the anti-trafficking movement as buyers and pimps, perverts and abusers. We have raised our collective voice in outcry against the very real and vicious acts that buyers and traffickers have done to their

Publishing a story is another awesome way a state trucking association can partner with TAT or really anyone within the trucking industry that has a publication that goes out to its member groups. This is an excellent way to raise awareness about human trafficking and how TAT works to combat it. A big thanks to the Indiana Motor Truck Association for this incredible story and for using their influence to


Jul 2014

TAT tat!

Whoa…think this is a first—a TAT tat! Pretty awesome! From driver Susan Bray, “I am your number one fan. I am the most dedicated to this even though I am not involved directly with running this site. Here is how I’ll prove it…. My new tattoo so even if I don’t have the opportunity to tell them (trafficking victims), they can see they can get help.”