Sex Trafficking Survivors need Housing First      As a survivor of “The Life” of Sex Trafficking here in the States I know first hand how difficult it is to get out and stay out for good. The many times I escaped from my pimp I would find myself alone, scared, with no where to go. Often times I would pack up my stuff and secretly leave when he wasn’t home.


Sep 2014

TAT tats!

More press from the FDP’s trip to Ohio! A big shout out to Garner Trucking for their support and partnership to help make this past week a reality. Thank you!


Sep 2014

Actionable Info

Law enforcement needs “actionable information” to aid them in the recovery of victims and the apprehension of perpetrators. If you see anyone underage being prostituted or evidence of pimp control no matter what the age of the victim OR you suspect human trafficking, PLEASE CALL IMMEDIATELY: 1-888-3737-888   If you have this information, please share it with them: Description of car (make, model, color, license plate) Description of people (hair, eyes, height, weight) Specific