A very happy birthday post to the originator of Truckers Against Trafficking! Happy birthday, Lyn! Hope your day is wonderful.

Follow us on Instagram (Truckers Against Trafficking) or Twitter (@TatKylla) for the full sTATe of the sTATes campaign!  Laydon and Heather Cooper are our featured #Truckers Against Trafficking for our #sTATe of the week, #Georgia! When we asked why they support TAT, Heather told us, “Laydon is a TAT supporter because he feels he can be an extra set of eyes on the road as a trucker traveling from Atlanta

Let me speak to the point…it doesn’t matter if the minor being prostituted “looks like a prostitute,” “shouldn’t be wearing make-up,” “must have bad parents,” or “acts like she enjoys being out there.” If the person being prostituted is under the age of 18, they are a trafficking victim, and comments like these put blame on the victim and not on the grown men buying her or on the trafficker(s)


Jan 2015

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If you haven’t already, please take the 28 minutes and watch our TAT training video at www.truckersagainsttrafficking.org and then, when you suspect human trafficking, Make the Call, Save Lives! 1-888-3737-888

When Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officer Neil Suckow inspects a semi, he looks for typical things such as deflated tires, working brake lights and up-to-date licenses and registration. But as he wraps up each inspection, he calls attention to something different — human trafficking. Specifically, he brings up domestic sex trafficking, victims of which include minors involved in commercial sex and adults coerced into prostitution. Drivers may