VERY excited to announce that the Virginia Trucking Association has officially partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking!  Dale Bennett, VTA president and CEO, commented, “Truck drivers and others in the transportation industry serve as the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways. Traffickers often force their victims to work at truck stops, gas stations, rest areas and other establishments near major highways – common locations frequented by our drivers as part


Jan 2015

Are you a TAT?

After touring the Freedom Drivers Project “I was a middle school teacher in Detroit for 17 years before I became a professional driver. I can totally see how a young kid without a stable family or support system or other vulnerabilites could easily be lured in by a trafficker. I see how some of my former students could have been tricked… Thank you for this (Freedom Drivers Project) and thank you for


Jan 2015

Trucker Tuesday!

Happy #TruckerTuesday! We thank you for all you do each and every day! Enjoy your day and stay safe out there.

Parent of daughters by Linda Caffee When I look at our adult daughters and what they have made of their lives, I imagine how different it could have been for them if they had become runaways.  Our daughters were no different than other children or any different than I was as a teenager. At one moment they rebelled, and, in the next second, they were the loving and trusting daughters

WOW is all we can say to the California Trucking Association for their amazing support of TAT’s mission! Thank you so much for the $12,300 donation to TAT that your member companies raised and that the CTA matched that you all presented to our representative Guido Hajenius this morning. This is just incredible. THANK YOU for your commitment to fighting against human trafficking! @caltrux