There have been more than 900 calls from members of the trucking industry into the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) reporting suspected human trafficking! Way to go! As it gets warmer around our nation, there will most likely be an increase of activity in and around our nation’s travel plazas as traffickers seize on the opportunity to make money.  Traffickers exploit not only their victims but also trucking businesses


Jul 2014

Happy Sunday

If you would like TAT window decals for your rig, please send an email to with your mailing address and request.

  Walking Prey: How America’s Youth Are Vulnerable to Sex Slavery  by Holly Austin Smith I read Walking Prey out of my respect for Holly Smith’s advocacy and survivor perspective. I had read and posted many of the articles she had written for the Washington Times Community Section on our Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) social media sites over the last year, so I was excited about her book. Walking Prey:

Only 20 seats left before they are sold out for this conference! Lots of wonderful speakers…lots to learn! TAT will be one of the speakers at the TIATF conference as well.