A little Monday motivation for you! We are so happy to be partnered WITH the trucking industry in the fight against human trafficking. We want to go far in crippling human traffickers from operating!

From Jeff Jacobs: “Not a truck driver, just an admirer of all that this group represents. In a world where it’s easier to ignore a problem than stand up to it, you guys fight the good fight and lead by example. I’m so happy to see it.”

Our #Trucker Against Trafficking highlight for the #sTATe of the week, #Pennsylvania, is Matthew Webb! When we asked Matthew why he is a TAT he said, “I am a TAT in Pennsylvania because my former career obliged me to protect others. Although I’ve moved from a badge to 18 wheels, my watch doesn’t end.” Thanks Matthew for being so committed to watching for trafficking victims and for all the work you do! We appreciate your partnership with

Here are some signs and vulnerabilities of someone who may be exploited by a trafficker. These are not comprehensive. Anyone can be trafficked, but traffickers often prey on people in tough situations.

Imagine if these pimp’s words fell on deaf ears because young people knew they were worth more, knew people loved them, knew they had a future and a hope.It is very important to be investing in the lives of our own children but also the lives of the youth around us. Get involved in your community’s outreach programs. Mentor, tutor, donate much needed supplies to local assistance programs, be kind