The State Department has released the TIP report, a grading system for each nation on how they respond to and help prevent human trafficking in their nations. The 2014 TIP report is available to view here:

From driver Ben Lujin: “Nash and Phoenix on the lookout for TAT!” Look at that sweet TAT window decal! If you want one for your rig (free to members of the trucking industry), please send an EMAIL to with your request and mailing address and they will get those out to you.

I understand that all of us can easily sympathize with and want to help a child/young teen being trafficked into prostitution. And that is right and good. But we cannot be any less sympathetic and willing to help the older trafficking victim. A victim is a victim no matter their age—a pimp exercises control with the same violence, manipulation and fraud regardless of age. She may appear, at first glance,


Jun 2014

Simple message!

If you see anybody underage being prostituted no matter if she is dressed seductively, propositioning, acting like it is no big deal…if she is being offered for commercial sex, this is human trafficking! If you see anybody under pimp control NO MATTER what the age of the prostituted person, this is human trafficking! Make the call, save lives! 1-888-3737-888

From truck driver Brian Asbury: “I caught this on a truck in South Beloit, IL today. When I see this decal on a truck, it really makes me mad. My fellow drivers, this prejudiced, uninformed culture must end. Learn the facts about sex trafficking, and understand that the girls you may see walking around the truck stop knocking on cabs are likely not there of their own free will. And