Very happy to announce that the South Carolina Trucking Association has officially partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking! We look forward to working with the SCTA!TAT is now partnering with 3/4 of all state trucking associations. We have 1/4 to go, but are so excited to see how the trucking industry is taking a stand in the fight against human trafficking! Thanks, SCTA!

To follow our complete sTATe of the sTATEs campaign follow us on Instagram or Twitter! Our Trucker Against Trafficking highlight for the #sTATe of the week, #Utah is Paul Stone. When we asked him why he is a TAT he said, “When I started in this industry I honestly thought that those girls were out there by choice. How naïve I was. I had no idea about human trafficking. Then something

A little Monday Motivation for you to hopefully inspire and encourage you this week. We all have a role to play. Let’s do this! Make the call, save lives!1-888-3737-888

Yesterday, TAT hosted a coalition build in conjunction with Georgia Attorney General Olens’ office and the Georgia Motor Trucking Association, to bring together law enforcement and key industry stakeholders in the trucking industry to close loopholes to traffickers!Over 100 people toured the Freedom Drivers Project as well.Georgia Attorney General Olens said, “We are grateful to the trucking industry for their commitment to ending modern day slavery!”


Feb 2015

FDP Impact

“The thought of someone having to wear a dog tag around their neck is horrible. The FDP is an excellent educational tool, I like how it encompasses both the reality of HT as well as what you can do to stop it.”Lauren KaneDirector of CommunicationsGeorgia Department of Law, Attorney General’s Office