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We had a good time at the New Mexico Truck Driving Championships on Saturday! Raul Garcia from Mesilla Valley Transportation who became a TAT bronze level sponsor to help bring the FDP to New Mexico said, “What I can say on behalf of the company, everyone, not just the management, but everyone is we all feel that this (human trafficking) is a major problem we are facing. We all need

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Here’s a little Monday Motivation for you! The problem of human trafficking, in all its forms, may seem overwhelming and insurmountable, but our persistence will lead to real and lasting change. We can do this. Make the call, save lives!1-888-3737-888

What’s Porn Got to Do With It?

By Anna Malika, Policy and Survivor Advocate


When I speak throughout the globe on the issue of human trafficking, everyone seems to be stuck on the idea that a “victim” of sex trafficking is a girl walking up and down the streets in a short skirt and high heels. Although victims can come in this form, this is not always the case.


My personal focus as an Overcomer Leader  in the Survivor Movement has been to bring awareness that pornography falls under the category of sex trafficking. Our laws are falling short. As a pre-law student, I understand that prohibiting people from posting on public Internet forums can be a violation of their First Amendment rights. However, when did it become okay to post a photograph or video of someone being raped or performing sexual acts on the computer? Regardless as to what people think is rape or not, we seriously consider someone having sex with multiple people a form of entertainment. Something has to change with how society and our government see pornography.


Porn is also a drug. According to “Porn Changes the Brain,”an article by Fight the New Drug (FTND), the brain is constantly laying down new pathways during new experiences. This process is called neuroplasticity -- neuro meaning “brain” and plasticity meaning “changeability.” Over the years, studies have found that pornography has a similar effect...