Jun 2015

Updated Stats!

In just the first quarter of 2015, there were 113 calls from members of the trucking community to the hotline reporting suspected human trafficking. More cases have been opened, and victims are being recovered! This is an updated graphic of calls to the hotline from truckers. Keep up the great work, heroes! Make the call, save lives!1-888-3737-888

Repetition Compulsion: What Is It and How It Relates To Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation By: David Zimmerman We’ve all heard the phrases before …“She’s such a ho.”“He’s a dirty boy.”“Trash. She was born for it.”“Oh, yeah. Total manwhore.” While people who are very sexually active — to the point of risking safety, integrity andoften becoming sexually exploited — can have various reasons for behaving as they do (and

A little Monday Motivation for you! Thanks to all of you who are being empathetic and viewing those who are being prostituted as people in need of help!  Make the call, save lives!1-888-3737-888