It’s time for our In The Know: A Survivor’s Perspective This is an authentic excerpt from the diary of Jasmine Grace while she will still struggling with addiction and in the midst of sex trafficking. It is followed up by a reflection from her as a survivor. It is definitely worth the read! The Diary of Jasmine Grace. Surviving the life of sex trafficking & Overcoming drug addiction. Jan 2,

We have a day for giving thanks! We have two for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.  This Tuesday, December 1st is the international day dedicated to celebrating generosity. We hope you’ll partner with us this Giving Tuesday and make a donation to TAT. We’d love to celebrate with you as we all work towards the goal of eradicating human trafficking.

A little Monday Motivation for you!  Make the call, save lives! 1-888-3737-888    

Our Trucker Against Trafficking highlight for the#sTATe of the week, #Iowa, is Grayling Klunker! When we asked Grayling why he’s a TAT, he said, “Even though I have never been sold as a sex slave, I can only imagine the pain and degradation and the horror of it.” Thank you, Grayling, for your compassion for the girls and women who are being bought and sold in the US and thank you for doing something