In partnership with the Texas Office of the Attorney General, the Texas Trucking Association and Houston Community College, TAT hosted it’s first of five Texas Coalition Builds in Houston this last Thursday. We invited local law enforcement, carriers, and truck stop/travel plaza general managers to take part in our four hour training which included a human trafficking 101, a talk from our new Field Trainer and Survivor Leader, Beth Jacobs,

Delhi, India (CNN)Manju Gaur climbs the staircase with a fierce but steady determination. The building is decrepit, some walls crumbling, others caked in a thin, greasy film. Just ahead of her is a row of police officers. Some from her native Assam state; others from this working class neighborhood in West Delhi.A few steps behind her are a handful of social workers and coordinators from Bachpan Bachao Andolan, a local

We LOVE receiving emails like this! Way to go Hoekstra Transportation! I am very pleased to report to you that 100% of the 125 Hoekstra Transportation employees, from drivers to shop to office staff have been trained and certified on the Truckers Against Trafficking awareness program. After meeting you in Peoria and seeing the work being done by TAT and what it represented, there was no way we could not

As a teenager, I worked in Germany’s legal sex industry. I was, like many girls in the club, underage; most of us were immigrants, nearly all of us had histories of trauma and abuse prior to our entry into commercial sex. Several of us had pimps despite working in a legal establishment; all of us used copious amounts of drugs and alcohol to get through each night. Violence is inherent

A little Monday Motivation for you! Many people think that if they can’t do EVERYTHING, why bother? That’s erroneous thinking…if each of us did what we could, it would make an amazing difference!