Happy #TruckerTuesday! We hope you all have a wonderful day!

The California Senate on Tuesday passed legislation that would remove mandatory minimum jail sentences for repeat prostitution offenses. Under current state law, a second conviction guarantees at least 45 days in jail, which increases to a minimum 90-day sentence for a third offense and beyond. The court can also restrict an individual’s driving privileges for up to six months if the act occurs within 1,000 feet of a private residence.

Survivor’s Ink‘s founder Jennifer Kempton will be on the Dave Nemo Show tomorrow at 8am CST to discuss her inspiration for her organization that removes branding tattoos from trafficking survivors and provides new hope!

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When I was 13 my father raped me.He only did it once.He let his brother, my uncle, rape me many times.They call us survivors because that’s what we learn to do.We find a way of surviving, of getting through it. As a 13 year old I didn’t use all the right labels, but words like “rape” and “incest” were the first. Which 13 year old schoolgirl wants to claim words