(CNN)There are times when I feel like screaming, on behalf of all human trafficking survivors, “We need jobs, not pity!” I was a victim of labor trafficking from ages nine through 18, sent from Cameroon to the United States, where I was forced into domestic servitude and abused. I’ve now been an advocate for 11 years — long enough to know that my path to an educated, successful and productive

Lived Through This: Listening to the Stories of Sexual Violence Survivors by Anne K. Ream Book review by Kylla Lanier, TAT Deputy Director   It’s been said that everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud. When something is spoken, it becomes more real, and to the speaker, the words can transform, release, and empower them to move past even the most unspeakable things.  


Feb 2016

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The dire circumstances of the lives of human trafficking victims can make the problem seem insurmountable. But this crime doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s possible to identify the forces that shape this issue — and to create better solutions that may prevent trafficking before it begins. Human trafficking is part of a continuum of violence and vulnerability, and deeply tied with desperation, economic instability, and — at least in

Sarah was 13 years old when she was lured into prostitution by two men from her New York City neighborhood. For the next two years, she was sold to buyers who were eager to purchase her adolescent body. Her pimp required her to meet a quota and when she didn’t, she was brutalized. There were many moments when Sarah tried to leave the life of prostitution. Each time, her exploiter