Police charged two men Wednesday for running a sex trafficking ring that involved a 16-year-old girl in Montgomery County, Md. Raleigh McClam, 36, and Saivon Sharpe, 22, were charged with multiple counts of human trafficking and sex abuse of a minor — McClam faces a possible sentence of 175 years in prison. McClam, one of the reported pimps, was a bus driver for the Prince George’s County Public School system,

“Sex trafficking…is an industry run largely by and for the benefit and profit of men. Men overwhelmingly tend to be the buyers of commercial sex. Frankly, we could end sex trafficking overnight if all men stopped buying sex. Human trafficking at its base, then, is an economic –albeit insidious –enterprise. It is fundamentally an issue of supply and demand.”—Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL-14), Executive Committee, TLHRC “Human trafficking is not only

A San Francisco man was convicted of sexually trafficking two girls, 14 and 16, after a seven-week trial that saw the victims describe being assaulted and shopped on the streets by a pimp nicknamed Terrific.One girl had to be rescued in a high-stakes gambit by her family members, who took a friend of the pimp’s hostage and then orchestrated a swap.Jamar Geeter, 28, was found guilty Wednesday by a Superior

A little Monday Motivation for you!  When you suspect sex trafficking, please act!Make the call, save lives!1-888-3737-888

SOUTHERN Ore. — A local organization is hoping to create a safe place children who are victims of sex trafficking. Redemption Ridge started demolition of an old medical building on Monday. They are working to transform the space into a facility to treat up to seven victims at a time. Within the program, the facility will offer things like school programs and therapy to help the girls get life experience